Decluttering tips and advices for your home

Decluttering tips for your home, is a subject that really interests me. Indeed, declutterring your home, a healthy and necessary step as time goes by. Even if we do not accumulate a lot, we tend to have more than enough. I will share with you my advice to sort, store at home and especially what to do with stuffs that must go !

Decluttering tips for your home : why ?

You tell me why sorting at home ? Personally, my successive moves led me to sort, separate me from items because I had no place to keep them. To separate from objects is not so easy because we define ourselves partly through them and through a process of “possessing”, a bit like “I own so I am”.

Sorting allows it possible to make an inventory, to rediscover objects, clothes, etc. that we had forgotten at the bottom of the closet. To separate from broken, damaged things, used clothes, too big/small, or so that we do not like anymore.

Personally, in addition to success moves, I want to keep only objects and things that do me good, which have a real meaning for me and try to reduce my possessions. So I thought it may interest you to learn all about it and I combined all my declutterring tips for you.

Decluttering tips : how to proceed?

The “queen” of the storage Marie Kondo has developed a method to lighten interior : gain in place allows a better flow of energy (chi) and can start a new cycle. This is drastic and not necessarily applicable in France – especially in terms of administrative documents. In addition, I find that the purpose of any “throw” is not very eco-responsible. However, I have adopted for several years her method of folding that I find very practical to have a vision of all my wardrobe and gain space.

Here are some tips for starting the storage of your interior :

  • Proceed by categories : dishes, clothing, cosmetics, books, CDS, etc. Operate by category is the easiest way to proceed rather than by room (bedroom, living room, etc.) because sometimes we scatter our stuff. For example, we have books at this or that place, clothes here and there…Gather all the objects of a single category and decide what you will do with each one.
  • Schedule time : We would like to be able to do it all at once but unless you lock yourself in for several days and spend the whole day doing this activity, it’s hard to tidy everything from A to Z in one go. Plan an afternoon or a few hours to devote to the storage/declutter you wish to accomplish.
  • Saying goodbye to your items : setting rules for sorting your things. An adage says to collect moments, memories and not things. Generally, when I do tidying up, I think in terms of what brings me joy, a beautiful memory and that is useful to me. Clothes, for example, that I have not worn over the past six months or so, I remove them.

What to do with your stuff ?

Of course, once you have started sorting out, you have to organize yourself with the things you want to get rid of. Damaged objects such as dishes, etc. may land in trash or recycling bins if possible. For clothes too damaged, I give them to the Relais at Galeries Lafayette. The advantage of this collect point is the assurance that clothes are good and well recycled and help to develop sustainable jobs. The little bonus ? The store credits 10 points on your loyalty card each time you deposit business (maximum once a week).

For clothes or shoes in good condition, even very good shape, new cosmetics, I put them on sale on the application Vinted. Sales can be fast and sometimes more random. Personally, I was able to clear my closet quite impressively in a few months. The prices are quite small but I must admit that my priority is to declutter. Only some items are not sold out with a more pricey tag because they are special pieces, limited edition, etc. The pieces that remain to me and do not leave, I give them to associations.

Some objects can also find a second life on Le Bon Coin or Facebook groups (like Wanted Paris, etc.).

Recently, I discovered another application called Geev that allows you to give your stuff away. It is participative and it avoids throwing “without reason”. I am much more at peace to tell myself that these objects bring joy or pleasure to other people.

And you, what are your tips for making room at home ?

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