Mediterranean Almond with Oats Mask

The Body Shop’s Mediterranean Almond with Oats Mask is one of their latest launches in their skincare range. Let’s discover together this new product.

Mediterranean Almond with Oats Mask : the product

The Mediterranean Almond with Oats Mask enriches the range of Expert Facial Masks after the Japanese Matcha Tea Mask launched last year which had already joined the other five launched in 2016.

If you’ve been following me for some time, you should know that these products regularly find their place in my skincare routines because I find them perfect by combining natural ingredients to solve a problem or skin discomfort.

This product aims to take care of sensitive skin with almond and oats. As with other expert masks, this one is a two-in-one product offering exfoliation and hydration. The formula of this mask is enriched with organic almond milk from Spain and organic aloe vera from Mexico, both from fair trade. The scrubbing action is provided by oatmeal (from Great Britain) allows an ultra soft and non-aggressive exfoliation for sensitive skin. Its composition is even 100% vegan.

All masks experts are priced at 20€ 75ml.

Mediterranean Almond with Oats Mask : Directions for use

Before using the mask, make sure your skin is makeup free and cleansed. Then apply an even coat to the face using a brush or with the fingertips avoiding the eye area and mouth. Apply also on the neck and push even in the neckline to cocoon this skin that we often forget!

Leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Then gently massage the face in circular motions to feel the delicate particles of oatmeal exfoliate the skin. Finish by gently rinsing with warm water in circular motions. The mask is easy to remove but usually I use a washable cotton pad to remove the mask. Continue your skincare routine with your hydration so you do not lose the benefits of the mask.

For the most fragile skin, you can use it once a week. I suggest not to go beyond this because the formula has an scrubbing effect – certainly gentle, but the skin does not need to be exfoliated more than once a week, especially when it is sensitive.

Mediterranean Almond with Oats Mask : my opinion

I find the idea of ​​creating an exfoliating mask for sensitive skin very good. Few options currently exist on the market and all the more so in natural formulated cosmetics. I love that The Body Shop continues to explore superfoods to create products that can take care of our skins with pro and prebiotics.

From the first application of the Meditarrean Almond with Oats Mask, I immediately felt an effect of freshness and envelopment extremely pleasant. I had the impression of plunging my face into a bowl of fresh almond milk. Once rinsed, the skin is not prone to tugging, itching. The exfoliation is really soft and can offer the epidermis more sharpness and a smooth skin texture.

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