L’Artisan Parfumeur the Paysages

L’Artisan Parfumeur The Paysages is an olfactory range that has been enriched by two new creations released last July. Let’s take a tour together and explore these landscapes.

The Paysages : The Collection

L’Artisan Parfumeur The Paysages propose us to explore the regions of the Hexagon in search of the iconic scents of our french regions.

After the perfume Bucoliques de Provence in 2016, this olfactory roadmap is enriched by two new Paysages : Mandarina Corsica created by Quentin Bisch and Mont de Narcisse by Anne Flipo.

To distinguish this collection from the others, the packaging is adorned with colors and a unique design realized by painting on paper made by transfer. The mosaic effect brings an elegant and artistic touch.

L’Artisan Parfumeur The Paysages are priced at 125€ for 100ml.

The Paysages : Mandarina Corsica

Quentin Bisch wanted to capture a childhood memory : that of a candied mandarin who had so moved him that his perfume lived in him years later. This creation was possible thanks to the “integral tangerine” which restores all the richness and subtlety of citrus fruit.

Mandarina Corsica is a citrus fragrance for both men and women. I immediately fall when scenting it since I explore more and more citrus scents. In top notes, we have mandarin and bigarade that brings a juicy and fresh side. In heart notes, we find delicate, elegant notes with immortelle, hédoine, jasmine, orange blossom and maltol that gives this touch of “boiled sugar”, caramel. The creation ends with more spicy and sweet touches with the throat bean, cinnamon, sandalwood, vanilla and caramel.

This creation plunges us into a wake combining treat and magic. We discover Corsica, magnificent and rebellious. Mandarina Corsica, acid and sweet, is reminiscent of the Alsatian Christmas markets that have punctuated the childhood of Quentin Bisch.

Mandarina Corsica will seduce women and men enjoying scents combining sweet and bitter flavors, in an opulence lightness that will dive them into the autumnal period with warmth and light.

The Paysages : Mont de Narcisse

Anne Flipo takes us to the mysterious face of Auvergne. Between green and fertile lands and the volcanoes that carve the landscape, we are in a more rustic and raw creation.

Mont de Narcisse is a green floral fragrance for men and women. When I felt it in summer, I was not very attracted by this creation but to rediscover it in autumn has something captivating. In top notes, the freshness of bergamot, lavender, the spicy pepper and the richness of cardamom opens the door. In heart notes, we find narcissus, green notes, osmanthus, plum and immortelle. The scent closes with notes of leather, vanilla and birch.

This creation makes us travel in a tale of Brothers Grimm that combines fascination and strangeness, magic and terror. Green and pure, almost immaculate notes blend with the wilder, misty volcanoes. Mont de Narcisse has a side almost smoky as if they woke up and blew their flame from the depths of the Earth.

Raw, mysterious, Mont de Narcisse will capture the hearts of people who are looking for a sophisticated and unique fragrance.

L'Artisan Parfumeur The PaysagesL'Artisan Parfumeur The PaysagesL'Artisan Parfumeur The PaysagesL'Artisan Parfumeur the PaysagesL'Artisan Parfumeur the Paysages


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