Gluten Free Aperitif

An evening with friends, events or other invitations can quickly turn into a nightmare when you have a diet reducing or excluding gluten. Making a gluten free aperitif that is fun, tasty and that can please everyone is not always easy. Obviously when we have time to cook, full of preparations exist but sometimes we just want to be a bit like the majority and to crack on aperitif snacks !

Gluten-free aperitif : the B&Me brand

Since early 2018, B&Me has baked organic rice crackers. The advantage of cooking in a oven is that it considerably reduces the fat in the finished product. B&Me therefore offers products with 70% less fat than classic aperitif cakes. B&Me crackers are also less salty and less sweet.

The brand offers four flavors:

  • Sweet pepper : perfect for those who like when the aperitif makes the tongue sparkle.
  • Tamara : for aficionados of Asian food.
  • Black pepper : a classic.
  • Sea salt : the basic.

Gluten free aperitif : my opinion on B & Me

I was able to taste all the B&Me crackers and I must say that I loved Tamari. It’s ultra original and faithful in terms of flavors.

I really like the texture of the crackers which is light and crispy. And unlike chips, these crackers need to be chewed so we are less tempted to empty the package in less than 60 seconds!

Although I am not a lover of aperitif cakes because of the lack of nutritional interest they offer, I find that B&Me offers a fun alternative and makes an effort on the ingredients while ensuring the calorie intake of its product.

The other point is its affordable price for organic. The selling price is around 2 euros for a 70g package.

Gluten free aperitif : why rice as the main ingredient?

Rice is the food that is a key ingredient in gluten-free diets. Many of my gluten-free recipes consist of rice and its derivatives (flour, etc.).

It is a starch, a complex carbohydrate that needs more time to be digested than simple carbohydrates (fast sugars). This small grain is rich in fiber, which allows to bring a feeling of prolonged satiety.

It is a recognized food for its health benefits such as protecting against cancer and heart disease because rich in antioxidants. It even helps lower cholesterol. It seems that rice also brings a benefit on the skin : it slows skin aging of the skin so the appearance of wrinkles.

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