Dry skin cleansers : the new launches from Qiriness

Finding dry skin cleansers is not always easy. For some time, Qiriness has been reformulating its ranges and updating their packaging. My curiosity was excited and I recently tested two launches perfectly suited to dry skin. I tell you everything below !

Dry skin cleansers : which formulas to choose ?

Obviously, the choice of the dry skin cleansers depends on each one preferences. Nevertheless, I think that privileging creamy, soft and cocooning formulas are a must have. It is important that the care and especially the makeup remover does not dry the skin more than it already is. In addition, depending on your place of residence, the limestone present in the water will not be your friend (it is not the friend of any skin for that matter !). In this case, consider to combine your routine with thermal water when you rinse the product to avoid further aggression of your skin.

Personally, I love a good cleansing milk since my episode of peri-oral dermatitis. On the advice of my dermatologist, I stopped the make-up removal oils and switched to milk textures that I rinse. I see that makeup removal is just as effective and my skin is less smothered than an oil. Then, I always combine a foaming cleanser, a classic for a very long time in my care routines.

Dry Skin Cleansers : Exquisite Cleansing Milk from Qiriness

Exquisite Cleansing Milk is part of the new Exquisite Initiation range. It must be admitted that the name is already very promising!

I already congratulate the very practical packaging with a pump bottle in a transparent container that allows to have a visual on the amount of product remaining. In addition, the pump bottle is unscrewed – this avoids any waste of product.

This makeup remover has a creamy and fresh texture. A light citrus scent emerges and provides a very invigorating and relaxing feeling after a long day. I find this product fragrance gorgeous.

In terms of assets, we find camomile that soothes sensitive and reactive skin, camellia oil that helps hydration and softens the skin. Camellia oil is also non-comedogenic (avoids obstruction of pores and blackheads). We also have sweet almond oil that nourishes and soothes the epidermis. In short, a perfect cocktail to remove make-up gently.

The formula melts and brings an extremely pleasant feeling of wrap of the skin. The product is effective in cleansing the face and even products such as mascaras and eyeliners. Some waterproof formulas will require a complementary step with a two-phase eye makeup remover. I like to massage the product with circular movements in order to free the skin of make-up and impurities. I always add a bit of water to emulsify the product and I use a washable cotton pad to get the most out of products.

After rinsing, the skin is fresh, soft and comfortable, without any feeling of tightness. Moreover, the Exquisite Cleansing Milk leaves a light satin veil allowing the hydrolipidic film of the skin to reconstitute itself.

23,90 € the 200ml.

Dry Skin Cleansers : Qiriness Divine Balm

Generally, I always combine a cleansing milk with a foaming cleanser to deeply cleanse my skin. It is the association that allows me to have the freshest skin and to unclog my pores.

The Divine Balm is part of the Divine Initiation range: I love when brands treat women as Goddesses!

Once again, I’m a fan of packaging. In my opinion, the tube is the most suitable format for this type of product and I really like the peach color that brings elegance and softness to the product.

A very creamy gel texture which releases a very pleasant fruity fragrance that combines citrus and apricot for a moment of treat in the bathroom.

In terms of assets, the Divine Balm contains of lupine to boost radiance, oxygenation of the skin and cell renewal to obtain an immediate good look effect. We find the goji berry which is a super fruit, rich in vitamins B and C, which helps fight against oxidative stress. Jojoba and apricot oils help smoothly remove impurities and make-up. They are soothing and moisturizing. I use the balm just after the milk. I heat the product in my hands and I put it on my face by doing circular movement. Sometimes I combine a Foreo brush to perfect the cleaning. I rinse thoroughly and finish with thermal water since the water is limestone in Paris.

The skin is comfortable, without feeling of tightness. The skin is free of makeup and cleansed (except for waterproof eyeliner or mascaras that requires a targeted makeup remover). I find that the complexion is bright, the skin healthy.

23,90 € the 200ml.

In conclusion…

I am delighted with these new launches that respect the balance of sensitive and dry skin. The products do not sting the eyes either. The brand Qiriness offers us effective products with natural ingredients, which I like a lot. I will continue to use this product duo in my routine for the fall/winter season to cocoon my skin to the max!

If you want to discover them, run at Marionnaud or on their e-shop.

Dry skin cleansersDry skin cleansersDry skin cleansers


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