Qiriness Men : skincare routine for men

Qiriness Men is the new line dedicated to men of the brand Qiriness which I already mentioned on the blog. I asked my friend Yoan if he was ready to test a pair of products from this new range and he generously lent himself to the exercise!

Qiriness Men: the philosophy of the range

Qiriness wants to speak to the modern man in search of well-being and who takes care of him. The products in this range are formulated with natural ingredients to lighten the compositions.

Qiriness stands out with its complex CED® (Control, Energy, Defense) combining three ingredients : pepper tree extract which is a plant-derived neurocosmetic active capable of supporting the release of endorphin, a molecule of well-being to reduce stress and, therefore, to relax the skin daily. Gingko Biloba is known for its exceptional survival abilities and will help the skin regain its energy. It acts like a booster. Murunga Plum is a superfruit very concentrated in vitamin C. It strengthens the antioxidant properties of the skin to better protect it against oxidative stress caused by external aggressions.

The brand also wants to meet some “specifications” to adapt the best to men’s skin, that is to say with non-sticky, non-greasy textures and fast absorption. The fragrances of the products are oriented towards slightly woody and fresh notes.

To facilitate access to a care routine, Qiriness has imagined smart and quickly identifiable packaging with a color code for the skin type and the main action of the product. Sober, clear and easy, Qiriness goes straight to the point!

Qiriness Men: Moisturizing Balm

The Moisturizing Balm is suitable for dry skin to restore flexibility and elasticity. Yoan sometimes suffered from small desquamations (areas where the skin was peeling) and since he began using the skincare, his skin has found a new balance. The formula is non-greasy and does not leave sticky skin after application – an argument that pleased Yoan a lot. The product brings instant comfort.

The Moisturizing Balm is formulated hyaluronic acid that will provide the necessary moisture for the driest skin. It helps retain water in the cells to help maintain a sufficient level of hydration. As for shea butter, it nourishes and soothes the skin deeply. Finally, Moringa seeds act as a pollution barrier. In addition to this, the CED® complex is present in the formula of this product.

The balm is applied morning and if necessary, in the evening on clean skin with light circular movements.

Qiriness – Moisturizing Balm
(37,90 €)

Qiriness Men: Healthy Glow Care

As its name indicates, the Healthy Glow Care aims to restore radiance to dull and tired skin. It will give a natural and immediate tan to the complexion. The product does not contain self-tanning.

Its formula is innovative because its gel texture contains microencapsulated pigments that will come to adjust to the natural color of the skin, without leaving any trace on the skin, the beard or the eyebrows. We find the Hyaluronic Acid that provides hydration to the epidermis, the Moringa seeds that form an anti-pollution barrier and the CED® complex.

The Healthy Glow Care need to be applied in the morning.

Yoan appreciated the Care Good Mine because it allows to give a little boost to his skin that was looking sometimes a bit tired. The pigment capsules have a magical side and disappear completely when the product has completely penetrated.

Qiriness – Good Mine Care
(29,90 €)

Yoan’s advice: Just apply a little quantity (like a pea size) of products!

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