Believe in your dreams : beauty workshops

Believe in your dreams…This is a title that does not leave you indifferent. Today, do we still have the right to believe in our dreams while we live in a society that conditions, divides and stigmatizes?

Believe in your dreams : the perfect moment

We may want to prepare, anticipate, finally…there is no “good time”, “perfect moment” to do something. This is like the opportunity to travel to the United States with the association Jewsalsa which I often talk about (Moreover, if you still want to enjoy our activities in Paris Beaches, there are 48 hours to make your donations HERE)! I could never have imagined that the collective would offer me the plane ticket. Admittedly, there are costs that were not foreseen…But in the end, we must learn to surf with the waves of life. If we seek security at all costs (by fear…), we do not prevent ourselves from suffering, we prevent ourselves from living. And if there is one thing I refuse to do: it is not to live!

Today, there is a new opportunity for me. It is dizzying, it scares me…But it is also exactly what I asked the Universe : a chance that I will courageously catch and do my best to grow my dream and live it! I like to think that even if we do not feel ready, when the Universe sends us something, it is because we are able to manage it, that it is the best moment for us…even if our mind can interfere. Nor do I say that one has to go headlong into any situation…but in any case, some opportunities require reflection and consideration.

Believe in your dreams : and you, which one is it?

You will probably ask me what is my dream? I have probably already mentioned in the past but when I was a kid I said “I want to do like Leonardo da Vinci“…It meant in my childhood language that I would have several jobs as this great thinker/artist/creator. I have never been confined to a single sector of activity : my head is full of ideas and I wish that they can find realization in reality!

If you do not know, I offer beauty and wellness coaching for some time, as well as wedding makeup. In parallel, I always wanted to start my activity of psychologist in liberal – except that the nerve of the war is the space on the Paris area. Today, I have a proposal for a larger space that would allow me to welcome and to realize these projects. Stay connected on social networks to follow the adventure and I especially hope that you will be present for this adventure!

Believe in your dreams : the look

So here, I share with you these few shots taken in Central Park, next to the Bethesda fountain. I felt really privileged to walk the pavement of this scenery that I have seen so much in movies and series. Although I used to shoot in Paris, shooter in New York was a small challenge – which in the end was very fun to take up and what a pleasure to have young women coming to see me to compliment on my outfit of the day !

I had fun shooting this new dress with the big skirt of dancer and the retro look/pin-up. It is even a model that I have already shot but in a different color: The denim dress.

I love this Bardot style with the white and fuchsia stripes and then the easy to put on pieces are my favorite!

Dress – Mademoiselle R / Sandals – LA REDOUTE / Jewelry – OGGI

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