How to choose sunglasses ?

How to choose sunglasses ? A big question when sunny days are coming! Solar is mostly seen as a fashion accessory – and it’s great way to add a special touch to our summer look! However, it is important to remember that sunglasses are there to protect the retina and cornea from UV rays from the sun and should be chosen carefully. They are recommended for all ages of life.

How to choose sunglasses:  protection

At first, it is essential to identify the main use of our solar. Depending on the activity, the luminous intensity and therefore the protection index will differ. The higher is the index, the more it reduces the light intensity.

The glasses are classified by UV filter categories ranging from 0 to 4. From category 2, we can talk about sunglasses. The index 2 corresponds to a city use, in low light. Category 3 is used at the seaside. Category 4 is specific for high-altitude walks or at the sea where the reflective light is very aggressive for the eyes.

The inscription “CE” is essential, it makes it possible to guarantee the presence of a protection on the glasses. “UV 400” or “100% UV” indicates that the lenses filter UV, providing optimal protection.

For driving, category 2 or 3 glasses are recommended. Beyond that, the vision and the perception of colors are altered.

To avoid reflection, you can choose polarizing lenses.

The best advice I can give you is to buy your pair from an optician. This is the best way to have wise advice in terms of protection. Trendy models of fast fashion can be attractive but think of your eyes!

How to choose sunglasses: the shape of glasses

The more your glasses are covering, the more they will protect you. Indeed, with a wide glass, the entire outline of the eye is sheltered.

The choice of the shape of the glasses will also depend on the desired use and your photosensitivity.

How to choose sunglasses: morphology and style

Although everyone can dare what she/he wants in terms of solar, here are some elements to help you in your choice according to your morphology.

As for a piece of clothing, the goal is to create a beautiful balance that highlights us. It is worth playing with the shape of the face, nose, mouth, eyebrows but also cut and hair color.

For round faces, you can either accentuate the doll side and opt for round glasses. Or, on the opposite, choose a geometric shapes to break the curve of your face and create a contrast. Personally, I have a round face and I’m a big fan of butterfly glasses : halfway between the curve and the line, they can structure the face to enlarge the eye and play on the sexy side.

Oval faces can have fun with everything: round, oval, butterflies, squares and other geometries, etc.

Long faces will like to choose a pair that will bring roundness to the face. The fine models will be the most adapted so as not to “weigh down the face”.

Square faces love cat eye or butterfly glasses. These forms soften the features and highlight the face.

In case of high cheekbones and/or marked as mine, the sun too much down on the face cause discomfort and do not put the face in value.

When it comes to hair, the shorter your hair are, the more important the solar are. Think balance! The more you have wild hair, the more you can have fun with oversize and original models.

The last argument that should guide your choice is comfort! If you feel the glasses heavy, or if when you lightly press the bridge (at the nose), it’s hurting you…Continue your research!

My 2018 sunglasses selection

I enjoyed myself and I completely fell on this pair of Jimmy Fairly that you see me  wear all the time! This is the Belagio model which unfortunately is out of stock but it is the politic of the brand to operate with very limited stocks. I had them done at the same time as my glasses, so, they are put to my correction.

I fell for this model because, in addition to its butterfly shape a vintage vibe, I loved the golden metalic details: the bridge at the nose and on the branches. They are perfectly covering (yes, I like big glasses) but remain fine and elegant.

The other model I share here is the Dynasty model from Solar Eyewear which is a little rounder than Jimmy Fairly’s – but still with a touch of retro. These have a side a little more street wear that I like a lot. They have polarized lenses that bring a totally different comfort.

To help you in your choice, you can narrow your selection from this selection of the most popular women’s sunglasses.

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