How to be on time?

How to be on time? This is a daily challenge that I did not face a few years ago! Between parisian life and approximate transportion time, combined with a letting go on the obsession of being always on time, the time is playing with me. One thing that helps me everyday: having a nice clock hanging on the wall!

How to be on time: Have a clock at home

Since my last move, I have no longer cooking devices (oven, micro waves) showing the time and I can tell you that this little detail changes everything in the management of time. Even if we have laptops or phones, having a visual on the wall helps (me) a lot. At a glance, we can check the time and adjust our organization accordingly.

Having a clock, especially a wall clock, also makes it possible not to completely depend on your cellphone at home – which I appreciate more and more.

How to be on time: Find a nice clock

I wanted to find a nice clock to put in my kitchen and believe me, it’s not so easy when you want to have a reasonable budget!

The one which found it place at home comes from Agent Paper. I love this brand because it offers DIY objects, stationnery and decoration made in France. Their collections are original and totally cute.

The clock in question is the Klocka model, made in a light wood with a Scandinavian-look. It is big enough so that the time is decipherable but it remains compact. In a studio, it’s important to think about proportions.

This clock is a DIY creation. The realization is simple and fast. The finish is elegant with golden detailsWhat I love? She doesn’t make any noise! What will I change? The hanging part is not super practical because of the thickness of the housing in which the batteries are inserted.

And you? Are you part of the wall clock team or digital team?

Agent Paper – Klocka Clock
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