Dammann Frères Iced Tea

When temperatures rise and it is necessary to stay hydrated, drinking three liters of water can be quickly boring. Dammann Frères Iced Tea allow to twist your drinks to play on the pleasure of taste!

Dammann Frères: the collection

Dammann Frères Iced Tea are available in several flavors and chords. For teas, you will find six varieties:

  • Samba: which plunges us into exoticism with hibiscus flowers, rose hip peel, apple, orange peel and flower petals.
  • Peach: the classic combining green tea, flower petals and peach aroma (peach and peach blossoms).
  • Fiji: plunges us into the freshness with green tea, the aroma of lime, lemongrass, ginger and lemon peel.
  • Bali: delicate with a blend of green tea, green tea with jasmine, flower petals and aromas of lychee, grapefruit, peach.
  • Jardin Bleu: my first love at Dammann Frères with a black tea with aromas of strawberry, wild strawberry, rhubarb and flower petals.
  • Touareg: timeless green mint tea combining sweet mint and peppermint.

For this summer, the proposed packaging changes. Each perfume is available in a box of six crystal sachets. For those who would like to taste everything, an assortment of twelve sachets is now available with two packets of these six flavors.

For the case of six bags, the price is 7€. The assortment of twelve bags is 14€.

Dammann Frères Iced Tea: preparation

Dammann Frères Iced tea have the particularity of infusing directly in cold water. This saves valuable time in the preparation of your drink and even allows you to carry your iced tea bag everywhere.

One sachet is enough to prepare 1.5L of drink. It is advisable to let it infuse 7 to 8 hours.

For even more flavor, it is quite possible to add herbs, fruit pieces, etc. The only limit is your imagination!

Dammann Frères Iced Tea: and treats!

Iced tea gives pride to delicacies and to continue on the freshness, I want to talk to you about a brand of frozen desserts (sorbets, ice cream, etc.) that I discovered on this occasion. This is La Fabrique Givrée, a Ardèche artisan company that offers frozen treats.

I could enjoy a grapefruit, lime, ginger and tea sorbet just to die for. Very balanced in flavors and above all not too sweet, in short, La Fabrique Givrée sublimates the ice and plays with our taste buds.

We were also lucky enough to enjoy a tea jelly and other sweet biscuits, in short, happiness, right ?!

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