Camomile Floral Water: the BFF of sensitive skins

For several years, I use floral waters. I like their naturalness and the fact that plants alone can bring solutions to our skin, body, soul, etc. Everything is in Nature! After my stay at the Dermacenter, I can not do without the Camomile Floral Water, here is the explanation.

Camomile Floral Water

Like all floral waters, Camomile Floral Water is naturally rich in active ingredients. I use the one from Sanoflore (brand in which I buy by default my floral waters) because they are certified organic and are easily found in drugstore.

Camomile Floral Water from Sanoflore is obtained by steam distillation, which allows to extract without denaturing all the virtues of the plant. Sanoflore floral waters are composed of 99% organic ingredients, undiluted, without addition of perfume.

Camomile is known for its soothing virtues. It contains azulene, an anti-inflammatory that reduces redness, burns and swelling, bringing immediate comfort to the skin. Camomile Floral Water therefore comforts sensitive skin, reactive or suffering from inflammations such as perioral or oral dermatitis (my case, to read and reread here), rosaceae, etc.

Camomile Floral Water: how to use it?

Floral waters can usually be used throughout the day, both in your skincare routine and to refresh you in between.

Today, I use it in my evening skincare routine. After having cleansed my skin and hydrated with thermal water, I generously spray Chmomile Floral Water to soothe and bring comfort to my skin at the end of the day. I like having a micro-drop effect on the face – which are very quickly absorbed by the skin.

Camomile Floral Water: how does the skin evolve?

I no longer see my skincare routine without Camomile Floral Water. Instantly, it soothes my skin. She tends to blush easily: temperature change, skin cleaning (even using organic cotton, washable pads, etc.) and with perioral dermatitis. There is an immediate effect but also on the longer term. Since I religiously use it, my skin is less inflamed, it is smoother and softer. The pores are tightened. In short, it acts miraculously on me and it encourages me to continue this product.

SANOLFORE – Camomille Floral Water
(between €8-12)

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