The Denim dress

The denim dress, a casual piece, which I like a lot! I was looking for one for a while and I found this one for which I had a real crush!

The denim dress: which model to choose?

Matter is decisive in the choice. I initially thought to find a dress in “classic” jeans rather thick but finally, it is on this model in lyocell that I loved! The fabric is fine and very soft to wear. We have a washed off jean effect that is perfect for summer.

Obviously, I stayed on a skater cut that is the one that highlights my figure: fitted at the waist and with a very flared skirt that is reminiscent of the princess dresses of our childhood!

Originally, the dress was presented with the bow on the front. I preferred to tie it in the back for a very Belle touch like in Beauty and the Beast but most of all, to benefit the figure and to enhance the waist.

The denim dress: how to accessorize it?

Jeans are a material that is very casual. So, it is necessary to find the accessories to play a little on this code and give a glamorous touch to the look!

I added a pair of shinny leather sandals to give emphasis to this delicate part of the silhouette that is the ankle.

As for jewelry, we play on a very aquatic atmosphere with three pieces straight out of the ocean. We have a statement necklace with amethysts and turquoises with mini lacquered shells that comes to give volume to the dress. The intricately studied “mess” captivates the eye and brings wealth to the outfit. We combined a pair of Indonesian mother-of-pearl and pink glass pearl earrings. Delicate and elegant, they add a touch of magic to the set with their incredible reflection!

Finally, a glass and turquoise alto ring finishes the hand. This jewel will recall the structure of the necklace with turquoises that retain their “almost” raw form. The originality of this ring lies in its transparent structure that brings a touch very playful and modern!

Dress – Mademoiselle R / Denim Jacket – GAP / Sandals – REPETTO / Jewelry – OGGI / Handbag – MICHAEL KORS

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