Home candles : how to choose them ?

If there is one thing that I love, it’s choosing home candles. They bring a soul to your home, office, bedroom, etc. which comes at once to express a mood, but also an energy that you wish to establish. I will share with you some tips I have in mind when I look for a new candle.

Home candles : the design

The candle is a decorative object. I find that a nice design, an original touch is a real plus when I look for a candle. There are more and more different containers: obviously glass but also earthenware, sandstone, some brands even emphasize sustainable development by recycling bottles of wine or by creating rechargeable candles, for example…There are the colors, the textures, in short, there is something for all tastes and styles.

I like both classic candles, in a transparent glass but also candles in containers more authentic or look a little industrial or raw. Most of the time, I also try to think of the after: once the candle is consumed, what will I be able to make glass ? Several candles serve me on my beauty stash to put away my brushes or make-up products. Containers can also find a place in the bathroom to store hair brushes, on the desk to slide some pencils and even on your balcony to accommodate succulents or other small plants.

Home candles : the choice of wax

I prefer vegetable wax, usually soy wax. Vegetable waxes are less toxic to us and our interior.

More and more brands are also choosing to buy from industries that make efforts for the environment and sustainable development.

Home candles : the choice of the fragrance

Obviously, what interests us in a candle is going to be its scent. Personally, I regularly move towards aromatic or floral compositions for spring/summer and more woody or oriental scents in autumn/winter.

What I like when I choose a candle is to discover new brands. The internet helps a lot with that. I was able to find a very nice brand that is Brooklyn Candle Studio via the site Ma Jolie Bougie (which has a shop in Toulouse – memories, memories!). Ma Jolie Bougie offers a wide selection of French and international brands. What is practical is that the navigation can be done by : brands, formats (glass jars, ceramics, etc., that is to say the design I mentioned above) and fragrances (woody, flowery, oriental, etc.).

Of course, just after my return from the United States and New York City, Brooklyn resounded like sweet music to my ears. I was immediately attracted by the minimalist, elegant and sober design of the brand. The typography and the color code are totally in the mood I wanted to create in my new home. I like the idea that candles are made by hand, in a studio and that a passionate team is behind this object that will come to create a unique atmosphere at home.

For the selection of the fragrance, the team of Ma Jolie Bougie was able to assist me and advised me the candle Fern + Moss candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio. This is a fresh and aromatic candle that combines the fern and moss that bring a very natural and green touch. Notes of sage and lavender play on an aromatic vibration that invites relaxation. The scent takes a little more depth with a base of woody notes of christmas trees and pine. In summary, I feel like walking in the forest when I breathe this candle ! I am delighted with this discovery and I intend to crack again on this brand.

Ma Jolie Bougie offers me to share with you a promotional code to get 15% off on the whole site (excluding promotions and sales) with the code MARSH15. This code is valid until August 31, 2018, once per person and without a minimum order.

Gift from Ma Jolie Bougie.

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