Lemon and olive oil cake

The lemon and olive oil cake, a classic on our summer tables. I realized it for the birthday of a friend and it surprised by its color and taste that was close to gingerbread ! And yes, I modified the recipe with what I had on hand with the change of flat. Personally, I love the soft texture, this full-bodied taste and especially the lemon syrup that soaks the cake!

I enjoy it with some Iced tea from Dammann which compliments the cake very well.

Lemon and olive oil cake : the recipe

Ingredients for the cake

150g of honey (here, buckwheat)

100g of whole wheat flour

60g of buckwheat flour

30g of Maïzena (corn starch)

3 eggs

80g of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 teaspoon of baking soda

The juice of two lemons

1 CS of poppy seeds

Ingredients for lemon syrup

100 ml of water

80g of sugar

The juice of a lemon

Preheat the oven to 170°C.

In a salad bowl, mix the lemon juice with the olive oil and the honey. Then add the eggs. Mix well.

Stir in flour, corn starch with baking soda until it becomes smooth. Add the poppy seeds.

Pour the mixture into a cake pan and cook for about 35 minutes. Check with the tip of a knife that the cake is cooked.

Pour the cooled or lukewarm syrup on the cake placed on a rack in several times. Let the cake soaks the syrup.

Enjoy warm or completely cold.

cake citron à l'huile d'olivecake citron à l'huile d'olivecake citron à l'huile d'olivecake citron à l'huile d'olive


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