Vegetarian Raclette

The raclette is the dish that we find every year with pleasure when temperatures  are droping. The raclette is even more than a dish, it’s a moment where tradition, conviviality and treat combining! Nevertheless, since I became a vegetarian, it’s been over a year ago, I have not had the opportunity to share a raclette with friends! I wanted to correct that and offer you my vegetarian version of this dish. In fact, originally, the raclette consisted only of cheese, potatoes, pickels and onions. The meat came later to enrich the tables. Today, I will add beautiful colors with vegetables. This allows to have a healthy version of the dish while allowing us a more balanced plate!

To allow even more sharing this convivial moment, the Richemonts brand launches its #MomentsVrais campaign in order to let the clients freely testify to the real good moments that surround this winter reunion!

Vegetarian Raclette for 4 people


600g of raclette Richemonts of your choice

600g of potatoes

500g of mushrooms

400g tomatoes

500g fresh spinach

1 big onion


Cook the potatoes with water until they become tender.

Wash and detail the spinach then cook in slightly salted water. Drained it and reserve.

Peel and slice onion and mushrooms. I love raw mushrooms but it blacks quickly so I make them slightly fried into the pan.

To accompany the dish, choose a nice endive salad with walnuts for example.

It only remains to set the table and enjoy this happy moment in good company!

Alternatives: to be tested with peppers, aubergines, brocolis or grilled zucchini.


Alternatives: à tester avec des poivrons, aubergines, brocolis ou courgettes grillées.

Raclette végétarienne richesmonts Raclette végétarienne richesmontsRaclette végétarienne richesmonts Raclette végétarienne richesmonts


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