Roger & Gallet Tubéreuse Hédonie

Tubéreuse Hédonie is one of the five new Extraits de Cologne from Roger & Gallet. The launch of this new range has flooded the web and especially since the universe created for the occasion plunges us into a world of Marie-Antoinette, so french and decadent ! It was hard to miss !

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Roger & Gallet Extraits de Cologne

Roger & Gallet dusts its original cologne with this new collection : Extraits de Cologne, combining bright and joyful fragrances.

Five perfumes were born, each of them developed with a different perfumer to offer unique sensibilities to the public :

  • Tubéreuse Hédonie,
  • Cassis Frénésie,
  • Verveine Utopie,
  • Nérolie Facétie et
  • Thé Fantaisie

The brand wanted to preserve the freshness of the Cologne while having the intensity and the holding of a eau de parfum. The formulation of perfumes are 90% of ingredients of natural origin.

The Extraits de Cologne are available in 30ml (22,99 €) and 100ml (45,99 €).

Tubereuse Hédonie by Roger & Gallet

Tubéreuse Hédonie was created by Anne Flippo, French perfumer that I particularly like (I already mentioned on the blog because she signed the collection The Herb Garden Jo Malone).

Anne Flippo explains “What I was looking for is the contrast between the freshness of Cologne and the sensuality of the tuberose. The duality freshness/sensuality but also the behavior and the quality. Tuberose Hédonie is rich, mysterious and fresh” says Anne Flippo.

Tubéreuse Hédonie is a floral fragrance in which one finds the absolute of tuberose, the absolute of jasmine, the essence of bergamot and precious essences distilled of pink pepper, neroli and seeds of celery.

This fragrance is relaxing and aphrodisiac. Creation invites the body and mind to let go and become the hedonist who lives for pleasure, every moment !

In love with the tuberose, it is carved aerially with jasmine and bergamot, while being full of mischief with its slightly spicy notes (pink berries and pink pepper). The creation is light, sparkling while being round and sensual. As soon as I open the bottle, my mood sparkles and I literally fall for this fragrance.

Roger & Gallet Tubéreuse Hédonie Roger & Gallet Tubéreuse Hédonie Roger & Gallet Tubéreuse HédonieRoger & Gallet Tubéreuse Hédonie Roger & Gallet Tubéreuse Hédonie


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