Turning 30 years old & Flamenco look

Turning thirty yo, a passage that worries more than one. Until last year, the arrival of the “big terrible 30” was working on me and it was already the subject of birthday blogpost from 2016!

Turning thirty: why writing about it?

Writing on my birthday may seem a little egocentric (it probably is a bit). Nevertheless, I like to read the words that I left from year to year and to see the path on which I’m moving. This moment is always a time of thoughts and reflection. It is also a way to fight against the youth cult of our society. We can flourish, always a bit more, with the passing years.

In addition, I like to have a trace of this passage of “ten “and what other place more appropriate than the blog to share it?

Turning thirty: some lessons of life

If I had to think about what life taught me, I will tell you that it is important for me to:

  1. Follow your own way: even if you disagree with those around you. We and we alone can make choices about our lives.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone: this lesson joins the first one because you have to dare to go off the beaten and known track to discover and blossom. I like to think that I need challenges to continue to stimulate my mind and my creativity. That’s why I try new experiences. What pride and jubilation go through me when I see the result of some projects that I have undertaken! The most recent is the lingerie shootings and my desire to explore modeling!
  3. Be tolerant with myself: I was always and always will be a perfectionist in my heart. It allows me to surpass myself and grow. Nevertheless, I do more and more with my imperfection and sometimes I can not do everything, sometimes I need to stop. Today, I try to listen more to my pace of life and my limits.
  4. Being independent: by independent, we often have the financial dimension that comes in mind but in my opinion, the latter includes psychic independence. I do not need another one to live. I am absolutely not bored with myself and I do not need to use a person or vampirize another to fill an inner void. I am secure enough to live by and for myself.
  5. Choosing friends: I never needed to have a “harem” of friends (see #4). I always preferred quality to quantity. And, I realize that in recent years, through all my activities, I have come to meet people that I would never have met otherwise. Sometimes I have almost instant connections with these people and these moments are almost magical when we are in a real encounter. Today, I feel surrounded by beautiful and genuine people, who knew how to be present when I needed them and who have never been in the judgment, they accept me as I am…And the most beautiful gift that these friends were able to give to me is that they knew how to touch my soul and helped me to reveal it completely. Sometimes with a kick in the back or pulling the words out of my nose (I was a pretty secret person in the past) but it’s because with real friends, we grow up together and we want to see each other happy in its greatest truth.
  6. Accepting friendly breakups: I moved a lot and found that the adage “out of sight, away from the heart” could be verified. More recently, I realize that some friendships can be frayed because we take different paths. For several years, I have evolved a lot and I have been more to my listening, and inevitably, when we change, our entourage can also mutate. It’s part of life and I do not think it’s a pain. People enter into our lives and can come out, others are there for all this great and beautiful adventure.
  7. To be happy for others: Both through my profession and from a personal point of view, I have found that I can experience great joy for others when beautiful things happen to them. I am not in comparison, jealousy or envy, I am simply in this beautiful sharing.
  8. Dare to say when things are not going well: This does not mean that we are going to tell our life to any person. Nevertheless, I learned that it was useless to hide it. If it’s not right, we have the right to say it and if it’s a problem, that’s not our problem. Life is not perfect and we have days without…It’s part of the balance of life. We do not appreciate the positive by obscuring the negative, one can not exist without the other. Happiness is a search for balance and not a permanent state.
  9. Keep your child’s soul: My favorite life lesson and that I will cherish until the end! I like to marvel and keep an ounce of naivety. I like to immerse myself in my imagination and some daydreams. Life needs a touch of innocence to be tasty!
  10. Go on an adventure: Whether it’s at the end of the street or at the end of the world, you have to jump on the train. Agree to stop and say “I’m going!” We have to dare with freedom, we have the right to have “Madness”, it’s what brings a touch of fantasy to our story – and I love stories!
  11. Make peace with my body: I ​​have learned to look at it, to listen to it, to understand it and especially to love and cherish it.
  12. Accepting your origins: My trip to Morocco, my investment in a Jewish association allowed me to reconnect with some of my origins (Pied Noir from Algeria, Jewish) and I made meetings that touched me a lot . I do not know all my origins, however, I am rich of those of which I am aware.
  13. Dazzle with a smile: One thing people notice all the time at home is my smile. He is known and recognized. I like to think “mouse to the world and the world will smile on you”.
  14. Contemplate the beauty of the world: the photo allowed me to take more time to contemplate the world. I am also deeply convinced that we can access the beauty of the world with our child’s soul (n ° 9). It also involves the smallest things of everyday life. Know how to take a second, stop and watch / listen.
  15. To know how to say thank you: And not a thank you of facade. To be able to be in a gratitude that comes from the heart and which is finally a thank you of love. It’s just beautiful.

Turning thirty: what feelings?

It was a bit of a roller-coaster n the emotional level. Especially because the society puts an emphasis on this figure which should be the symbol of adulthood, to have “succeeded” according to the scheme: I am in a relationship, I am an owner and I am a parent. But, I have never been good at entering the mold. The only model that suits me is my own. My achievement and my career can not be compared to anyone since we are all unique. Our references, aspirations and inspirations are too. I want to live my life and no other. I like to think that all the personal work that I do allows me to shed light on my shadows and that I want to accept myself in every detail. As I say more and more, we are perfect in our imperfection! I feel perfect with my imperfections and they will not stop me from blooming like the most beautiful flower in my garden.

Today, I’m totally in tune with the person, what am I saying!, the woman I am. I live with softness, joy and excitement this passage of the thirties! I trust the future but I also trust my abilities, my intuitions…I just trust myself.

Flamenco look

If you come to this paragraph, thank you very much for reading me so far! To illustrate this post, I was inspired to return to the famous lilac wall of Beaugrenelle that I had already shared on the blog (here).

Today, I wanted to have fun! So, I’m wearing my grey tutu, boots inspired by the 20’s and glitter! It was good enough to celebrate my 30 years worthily…The cherry on the cake? The beautiful hibiscus I found in the small gardens next door (I admit it…I picked it).

JODHPUR – Trench / GRAIN DE MALINE – Jacket & Top / ASOS – Skirt / WOLFORD – Tights / ANDRE – Boots / MICHAEL KORS – Handbag / I AM – Jewels
tutu grande tailletutu grande tailletutu grande taille tutu grande tailletutu grande taille tutu grande tailletutu grande taille tutu grande taille tutu grande taille tutu grande tailletutu grande taille tutu grande tailletutu grande taille tutu grande tailletutu grande taille tutu grande taille tutu grande taille tutu grande tailletutu grande taille


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