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Home fragrances are another of my great passions. I love the world of perfume in the broad sense and I particularly like the different fragrances that can color my home all year long.

Home fragrances: give a personality to your home

The soul of a house, home sweet home, lies in the decoration but also in the scents that inhabit it. That’s what makes a house lively and friendly. That’s why throughout the year, I choose home fragrances to punctuate the seasons and certain moments like the Holiday season. There are scents that I directly associate to certain periods and I like to find them over the months.

Home fragrances: how to choose them?

Home fragrances come in different products and formats: candles, diffusers, scented cushions, etc. Depending on the rooms and locations of the house, you can arrange them individually or combine them to create different atmospheres.

I am in a studio and I have several olfactory spaces that are organized: the entrance, the bedroom/living room, the bathroom and kitchenette area. I like that each section has its own personality and playing with smells helps delimit these areas of life.

Home fragrances: my autumn selection

Home fragrances that I enjoy at this time of year are a bit more spicy, hot, even sensual fragrances compared to those I choose for spring / summer.

I had a real crush on l’Artisan Parfumeur‘s amber sachet, which is an ultra sweet and comforting scent. This amber is extremely powerful and wafts beyond the bathroom where I have disposed it! Another favorite of this fall, the Neroli candle from Esteban Paris. Its scent is also intense, even if the candle is off. What I liked about this product is that it is a refillable candle – the eco-friendly concept that the brand has developed is very trendy and also keeps a lovely object at home.

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