Honey Bronze, The Body Shop’s healthy makeup

Honey Bronze is a range from The Body Shop that I discovered recently and I had a crush on some products in the collection.

Healthy glow

A healthy glow, that’s something we all want ! Depending if we are enjoying more or less the sun, make up is there to allow us to play with colors, shadows and lights.

If you have fair skin, like me, it’s not always easy to find the right bronzing powder. Too dark, too orange, in short, the Holy Grail can sometimes make us lose our mind !

Nevertheless, I found the perfect powder range for the summer but also for all year around : The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder.

Honey Bronze The Body Shop

This range has six shades, allowing each to find the color that will compliment its complexion. The formula is enriched with honey, beeswax and marula oil, creatingan ultra silky and comfortable formula.

The powder is smooth and is easy to apply with a brush angle or slightly pointed to target areas  the sun would hit naturally.

The specificity of the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder range is the matte finish. The formula hasn’t any sparkles or glitterswhat makes these products easy to wear everyday. The result is a natural looking tan that comes subtly enhance the complexion. This type of product is also perfectly suited for you start with powders and want an option “I avoid the look of Grandma Yeta” (Those who have grow up with The Nanny, raise hand!).

In the range, I combine two shades : the shade 01 which is the fairest I can use throughout the year. Its shades are more pink and ashy hues than the shade 03 that I tend to use now which has more golden tones and suits better my “tanned” skin tone.

And you, do you have a bronzing powder you love ?

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honey bronze honey bronze honey bronze honey bronze


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