DIY Break Wind : my pastel version

DIY Break Wind : an idea which pop into my mind after moving in my new studio. Sharing more about it in this post.

DIY Break Wind : my pastel version

If you have read my previous post Moving into a studio  I wrote about moving in a studio. I told you that I will share as much as possible and I decided to include a new category on the blog which is Interior” !

Moving in a studio means small area and a single space where you sleep, eat, work, etc. In my little home, the night side is the first thing we see upon entering in the flat. This annoyed me and I wanted to create a separation without cluttering or burdening space and reduce the light so I think DIY Break Wind.

About a month ago, I found garden trellises in the street. The advantage of Paris and area is that we can find a lot of things for the recycling DIY because people throw things more easily.

I remember with my friend, we looked at each other and we thought the same thing about create something nice with it. Initially, I had thought to transform them into a headboard but ultimately it is a screen that has emerged !

This is only a half-screen since there are only two panels but the principle is the same. I also found  inspiration from Lisa’s blog Make My Lemonade DIY Paravent.

You will need :

  • 2 wooden panels of your choice,
  • 3 hinges of 3 holes 2cm wide,
  • A screwdriver,
  • Screws 3.5 x 16,
  • Sandpaper (180)
  • Small pads,
  • A ruler,
  • Pen,
  • A paint spray of your choice.

For decoration, I added :

  • Fairy lights (SÄRDAL IKEA model),
  • Small fabric flowers,
  • Ribbons,
  • And other small decorative objects.

What I have done has been to resize the panels. I kept one “foot” on each side for stability when standing and I cut a small extra piece I’ve studded on another corner of one of the panels to ensure better stability, a third foot if you prefer.

I then fix the two hinges 10 cm from the ends and the third in the middle of the panels.

I lightly sanded the little polish was left on the wood panels. Then I simply covered the structure with paint spray.

I chose the bomb because the cross structure would hase take more time to paint. Nevertheless, I would have had to use a white undercoat because wood was a bit dark and for having a good pastel finish, I used probably more mint paint than if I had used the first white !

Once the paint dries, I added my decorations: fairy lights, flowers, ribbons and little things to give a romantic and country touch to this panel !

This creation fits perfectly into my hallway and my sleeping area and especially the extra furniture that uses as my bedside table which is also made with wood cutouts.

DIY break windDIY break windDIY break windDIY break windDIY break windDIY break windDIY break windDIY break wind


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