How to furnish your home with budget

How to furnish your home with budget is a challenge I started for myself. Moving or wanting to change your home decor often mean big expenses ! Personally, when it came to furnish my apartment, I didn’t fancy to break my bank account. 

I wanted to share with you all my tricks to successfully and nicely furnish at a reasonable price your home. And it’s not because we have a tight budget we can not find pièces we like.The goal is to feel homy.

How to furnish your home with budget : my tips

Generally, to find less expensive furnitures and to furnish your home with a budget, we must search on second hand. For some things, I don’t mind investing in the new category but for others, I find that giving a second life or recycling furniture is a small fight against our capitalist system and is also a small step in favor of the environment.

When you decide to choose second hand pieces, you need to prepare yourself for a few DIYs and cleaning sessions!

A car is a must-have for being able to drive around and pick up your purchase, especially for large pieces. Nowadays, it is possible to easily rent a car or van by many applications (Ouicar, Drivy, Ubeeqo, etc.).

To find second hand furniture, several options exist. A famous french website made its goodwillLe Bon Coin  On this site, you can really find everything in more or less advantageous prices. Sometimes it is possible to make real bargains! On this site, I found some lovely pieces:

  • My blue vintage dining table in Formica (all for 30€) in rather good condition. Tiny reparations need to be taking care of  but nothing very important for  a very rare piece!
  • I also found my two IKEA BILLY shelves in good condition (all for 20€). Very practical to store my books and shoes! I had found one earlier, still on Le Bon Coin, but its condition was slightly damaged – so, I kept it in my garage to store more easily what I needed to organise!
  • To complete my BILLY shelves, I managed to dig up extra shelves in order to optimize my shoes storage (4 shelves for 15€)!
  • For my little beauty corner, I needed storage space since I had only my glass table. I found a HELMER metallic storage with wheels from IKEA (20€), making it the most flexible things in a small space.
  • I have also found a LG TV in great condition (50 €).

Sometimes, on Facebook groups or Marketplace, you can also find good deals to furnish your home with budget.

Then Emmaüs (charity shops) can be a real landmark for potential finds!

  • I found my bathroom column (10€) and
  • small shelves to store my food in the kitchen (10 € for 2).

Emmaus can also be a good reference for people who like DIYs.

IKEA is also a place to which people think for reasonable furnishing. Some people do not know, myself included until I recently discovered: the “good finds” ! In every IKEA stores, you have a space where you can find exhibit furnishings, slightly damaged, discontinued etc. with discountsThe quantities are fluctuating and you must be at the right time! I had a stroke of luck because I found my wardrobe KIVKNE with a 30% discount just because the box of the furniture was slightly damaged. The dressing itself was at 99% in good condition ! Bonus ? This was also one of the models I preselected !

IKEA also do promotions with its IKEA Family card. Through this, I have found a couple of pièces to complete my kitchenette.

Bulky became a trendy appointment of people living in the area of Paris and big cities. American trend arrival to the old continent, it’s possible to find treasures! Personally, I found my oven column ! A huge piece in a quite good state and a savings of over 200€! I also found the garden trellis that I turned into screen. Check out my DIY.

In addition to all that, you also have sales, clearance stores, etc. The important point when you try to find second hand furnitures is that sometimes you have to be patient. I have waited to find the type of model I was looking for by creating some alerts on all of these platforms. Nevertheless, I find that it is really worth it and I appreciate all the more the objects that I bought.

Hope you’ll have a good treasure hunt !

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