Moving into a studio in the parisian suburb

Moving into a studio is a new chapter in recent months that have been quite hectic. I take you with me to discover my new living space. Here are some pictures and my first impressions of this new Parisian adventure;

Moving into a studio 

Since the 1st of July, I put my boxes in a new home. This is a studio, a little 30 square meters, still in the area of Paris, which I will be able to take possession, settle down again. It’s almost a first for me because even when I was a student, I experienced a 1 bedroom in which the kitchen was separated from the main room, and I have known roommate in large apartments.

Finding myself in a single room is a somewhat new feeling and I have to find my new habits. I’m lucky that the flat was repainted just before my arrival. However, the small kitchenette makes me a little sad : I love to cook and prepare good food, and in this space, I’m feeling limited.

Moving into a studio, in this new place, is like a new blank canvas. This place becomes a refuge, a cocoon, in short, my space. The layout, design, all of this takes time, but I look forward to building my new universe in these walls. And you can imagine that the blog will be part of it! At the moment, my beauty blogging corner is not yet organized, I find it a bit difficult to film videos but I hope to do it very soon.

For now, the site is underway and routines are being built. Here I will share how I advance. As always, on Instagram, you can enjoy some glimpses of my little home and my tips to make the most of my new flat.

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moving into a studio
moving into a studiomoving into a studiomoving into a studiomoving into a studiomoving into a studiomoving into a studio


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