Onagrine : my review on the range Ona Hydratant

Onagrinesoins visage peau sèchesoins visage peau sèche

Onagrine is a cosmetic brand that I discovered during a press event a few years ago. I really liked the brand’s philosophy. I was able to further explore some products of this brand and I wanted to share my experience with you !

Onagrine : the brand

The brand was born out of this passion for nature and the treasures it offers us through its plant extracts loaded with vital force. Onagrine has been developing cosmetic treatments for 30 years designed to enhance feminine beauty in all naturalness.

The name of this brand comes from the evening primrose plant, a yellow flower with an ephemeral nocturnal bloom, rich in essential fatty acids which can be a real treasure for the skin.

The products are formulated with natural active ingredients that respect the skin and the environment. They are free from paraben, phenoxyethol, mineral oil, phthalate, synthetic dye, et …to provide the safest, most gentle and most effective care.

The brand uses precious adaptogenic plants from different parts of the world : exceptional plants that have shown all their power and strength to adapt to an environment that is sometimes arid, dry or icy.

The brand is committed to several important points :

  • Develop natural formulas without parabens, dyes, animal ingredients, mineral oil.
  • Rigorously select plants concentrated in active molecules.
  • Validate and prove the efficacy and harmlessness of products by dermatological tests.
  • Never test the formulas on animals.
  • Promote and manufacture packaging in recyclable materials and brochures in FSC paper (from sustainably managed forests).

The brand is sold in drugstores and online.

soins visage peau sècheOnagrineonagrine

Ona Hydratant Range

As its name suggests, the Ona-Hydrating skincare range aims to strengthen the skin’s hydration mechanisms to deeply quench its thirst. The range includes various moisturizers for the face and body formulated with pomegranate – an antioxidant that will act on the softness and suppleness of the skin. The range really wants to hydrate your skin deeply and durably.

The range consists of :

  • Moisturizing body milk : a milk to cocoon the skin and envelop us in the scents of apricot and subtle sweet almond. The body milk is a real nugget to use morning and evening. It hydrates the skin perfectly, without sticking – which allows us to get dressed quickly afterwards and it smells really good !
  • Light lotion : a super soft and light formula for effective hydration. When it comes to the use of these products for perioral dermatitis, the light emulsion adapts better to this dermatological profile – as long as we do not abuse the amounts.
  • Rich cream : a rich and generous cream for the most dry skin. Avoid for perioral dermatitis.
  • Intense hydrating mask : to immerse your skin in a hydration bath. The mask, in the context of perioral dermatitis, should be used sparingly. I will do a detailed article for you on how I use scrub/mask type treatments with the DPO.

The last product I will mention is not directly part of the Ona Hydratant range but is very gentle on the skin :

  • Gentle Cleansing Gel : will gently cleanse the skin without drying it. An effective and easy to use product on a daily basis.

All the products have a smooth, melting texture, without sticking to the skin. The scents of the products are delicate and discreet. They fit perfectly into a daily routine.

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