Voluspa, trendy californian candles

voluspa candles

As soon as the weather warms up, I like to change my home fragrances and switch to spring mode ! I wanted to test candles on which I was eyeing : Voluspa, super trendy Californian candles !

Voluspa, trendy Californian candles

Volupsa is an American and more specifically Californian brand. The brand was born about twenty years ago in the kitchen of Traci and Troy Arntsen, the founders.

Volupsa candles want to capture the essence of travel, a nomadic state of mind with unique scent associations and unusual designs. The look of their jars and packaging are instantly recognizable.

Traci has a passion for botany and essential oils, which has made it possible to create a brand DNA that combines exclusive expertise and blending using the finest ingredients from the most remote regions of the world. Voluspa today is a reflection of the art, beauty and culture that inspire its founders in their travels.

The name Voluspa comes from an ancient Norse poem about the creation of the world from chaos. And as the chaos in the kitchen meant, great beauty often arises from great passion. For the record, like many candle designers, the couple created their first collections in their kitchen.

The brand is very committed to innovation. Over the past two decades, they have dedicated themselves to researching, developing and iteration of the purest ingredients – making them one of the first companies to use a blend of coconut wax in their candles. The exclusive formula begins with cold pressed coconut oil from the flesh of the fresh fruit. The oil then supports hydrogenation and is turned into coconut wax with a nice creamy white consistency. This blend burns up to 90% cleaner than its soy wax counterpart, yet maintains the integrity and maximum volume of the incredible scents. Where other candles lose their subtle notes and character, the coconut wax blend allows every shade to burn.

nice candlesvoluspa candlesvoluspa candles

My opinion on these candles

The packaging is really amazing. From the box to the pot, everything is elegant, refined and really fits in like a decorative object. As you know I reuse all the pretty jars so these will be no exception !

I have selected two fragrances in the classic format with a combustion of 70 hours :

  • Bergamot Rose : a pleasant scent of a bouquet of roses mixed with gourmet notes of bergamot pie.
  • Yashioka Gardenia : a flowery and subtle scent around gardenia and tuberose in a magnificent engraved glass jar. The scent of after-sun milk !

These two candles inspire light, heat, the pleasure of sunny days. Not even lit, they imbue the room with a delicate scent.

For you or for someone who is dear to you, they are very nice touches for a unique atmosphere at home.

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