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You may have heard of the brand Joone, especially if you are moms or moms-to-be. The layers offered by the company are quite famous. Recently, the brand launched cosmetics for women and I wanted to tell you about it.

Joone, what is it ?

Joone is the story of Carole who founded the first social network that connects future and young mothers. She understood the need for parents to understand the products they use for their children, products that would share the following values : trust, purity, love.

It is from this philosophy that Joone was born. The brand offers simple and healthy products, while being in the movement of the Clear Beauty, that is to say the transparent and traceable beauty.

The products are made in France.

The perfect face ritual Joone

Joone has released three cosmetic products for your facial routines :

  • the gelée démaquillante parfaite (150ml),
  • the gel nettoyant lacté parfait (150ml) and
  • the  crème hydratante parfaite (50ml).

Designed for all women (but also men – the products do not have particularly fragrances and are quite “neutral”), the formulas are certified organic by Ecocert with the COSMOS ORGANIC label, for a healthy, vegan and compatible ritual. with pregnancy.

Each product has been thought of as a step and is therefore articulated with a main ingredient :

  • the aloe vera,
  • white hibiscus,
  • the cranberry.

As I told you, the products have a rather neutral visual identity. The packaging is made of glass for the makeup remover and moisturizer. The cleansing gel is presented in the form of a plastic tube.

You can buy the products individually or as a set.

Our set contains the essentials of your facial ritual : the gelée démaquillante parfaite, the gel nettoyant lacté parfait and the crème hydratante parfaite.

cleansing gel joonejoins moisturizer

How to use the perfect face ritual ?

This ritual is organized in 3 steps :

  1. The perfect jelly makeup remover gently removes makeup. Formulated with Aloe Vera, it does not irritate the eyes and does not attack the skin. The spray bottle is very practical for measuring the amount of product released. You can either apply it on a cotton pad, or apply it in the palm of your hand and gently rub your face. This product is said to be without rinsing, but you know my position on “leave-in” products – especially with perioral dermatitis : you have to rinse everything ! So, I rinse with a washable cotton pad.
  2. To perfect make-up removal and cleanse your skin deeply, the cleansing gel is ideal. Its formula combines antioxidant ingredients such as Rosehip Oil and Brown Fucus Algae. On contact with water, the gel turns into a fluid and milky texture : I love it ! A delicate fragrance of White Hibiscus makes this moment even more pleasant. In the case of perioral dermatitis, wash the face only in the evening.
  3. For hydration, at home, it’s only in the morning (see my video of the week). Joone moisturizer has a fairly creamy texture but does not stick. It has a neutral scent. With its organic cranberry oil, the skin is preserved and well hydrated. The witch hazel brings the anti-inflammatory side to gently soothe the skin.


My review

I find the ritual easy to use and fits perfectly into a daily routine. The formulas are pleasant, sensory enough to create a little bubble of well-being for us without being aggressive if you are pregnant.

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