How to use Kerastase Nutritive range ?

kerastase nutritivekerastase nutritive

You often ask me what I do to my hair. In reality, not much, I have a fairly minimal routine. Nonetheless, there is a line of products that I love to use the Kerastase Nutritive range. I share with you what I think and how I integrate them into my routine.

Kerastase Nutritive range

The Nutritive range is a range of hair products dedicated to dry hair and acts as a thermal protector. The range consists of ten references :

  • Bain Magistral: nourishing shampoo
  • Bain Satin 1 : shampoo for normal hair
  • Bain Satin 2 : shampoo for very dry hair
  • Masque Magistral
  • Crème Masquintense
  • Masquintense for Fine Hair
  • Masquintense for Thick Hair
  • Fondant Magistral
  • Lait Vital
  • Nectar Thermique

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How do I use these products ?

I discovered the Nectar Thermique a bit by chance. It was a gift that had been given to me and since then I cannot do without it. I, who use a curling wand almost every day, really take care of my hair and especially avoid damaging it too much with the heat.

Once a week, I use the masque Magistral Nutritiv to deeply nourish my hair. I use a neutral shampoo then after the mask on towel-dried hair. This mask is designed for thick hair (hello, that’s me !). I do one mask per week, in general. If I don’t do this mask, I will do an oil bath.

The good thing about this mask is that it doesn’t need to sit for a long time – at least 5 minutes. Once applied, I rinse it and still finish with a jet of cold water to tighten the keratin of the hair.

This mask will really nourish the hair in depth, giving them suppleness and shine. The hair are very soft. The mask facilitates detangling.

As for the Nectar Thermique, I use it on towel-dried hair after getting out of the shower. This product does not need to be rinsed off. Generally, I rub a small amount of products in the palm of my hands and I will run them all over my mass of hair.

This milk will act as a thermal protector which will allow me to dry and curl my hair in peace. Bonus ? It smells super nice !

This product will protect the hair from attacks related to hairdressing accessories, will facilitate styling (especially with my thick hair). The hair is smooth and shiny.

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