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christmas table decorchristmas candleCreate a Christmas centerpiece

Right now, I’m dreaming of dishes, linens and table decorations ! I want to put everything in Christmas colors… Besides, I took advantage of this weekend to think about the table I was going to have. I’m sharing with you some tips and advice to create a Christmas centerpiece with the Partylite candle brand which offers festive editions !

Partylite candles : History of the brand

In the 1900s, teacher Mabel Baker began to make candles with wild berries. Her designs became so popular that she decided to turn her passion into work. In 1965 her small business grew into a global group worth over $6 million. In 1973, his company became Partylite. It helps to develop women’s work to help women gain their independence and create their own business. It was then that the first Partylite consultants sold the products at home.

The brand works with world famous perfumers to create the best candles. The fragrance is distributed throughout the wax for continuous diffusion over the life of the candle.

All wicks are 100% cotton, lead and sulfate free for optimal combustion. The brand is also committed to :

  • the products do not contain animal fats or pesticides.
  • the combustion is optimal for an intense diffusion of fragrances from carefully selected essential oils.
  • the paraffin that makes up the candles is of superior quality and non-toxic.
  • the manufacture is made with 100% recyclable glass and complies with international safety standards.
  • the manufacture has been handmade in the USA by expert perfumers for over 40 years.

Create a Christmas centerpieceCreate a Christmas centerpiece

Create a Christmas centerpiece with Partylite

Partylite offers a wide range of candles that can be integrated into your winter and Christmas decorations. This year, I bet on a chic and refined decoration combining gold and white – with a Scandinavian touch.

Here are some of my tips for creating your Christmas table decoration :

  • Thinking about comfort : this is the essential question ! All the guests must be at ease, have their living space, not be encumbered by too many decorative elements. The dishes must also be able to pass from hand to hand without difficulty. It is therefore essential to think about space both on the table and in height. If your table is round or square /rectangular, your centerpiece will not be organized the same way.
  • Matching color : anything can be chosen – Christmas isn’t just about traditional red and green ! Nevertheless, we can take inspiration from a rule used in fashion : no more than three colors in order to avoid false notes.
  • Find inspiration on Pinterest : this media is a gold mine when it comes to finding inspiration. If you want to see what is being done, do not hesitate to look at the pins available on this platform.
  • Set a budget : creating a table decoration can quickly get expensive – between the linens, the dishes and the decor…it goes quickly. Personally, there are several decorative elements that I reuse from year to year (and then, in a Parisian apartment, we quickly run out of space !). I do not hesitate to divert objects which are not decorative objects but which can be totally integrated into a scenography.

Having a rectangular table, I like to have a decoration that crosses the table on both sides, so that each guest can enjoy the scenography. I focus my decoration on a central line and make sure that it does not encroach on the plate/cutlery spaces for comfort.

With rectangular tables, several options are possible :

  •  you have a central piece and the rest is mirrored on either side of this main piece.
  • or, you create a perfect symmetry between the both sides of the table, without any particular central part.

This year, I chose the first option. I wanted to create a fairly pure and wintry atmosphere – I went on a very simple white tablecloth on which I was going to re-use the colors of my decor : gold, wood and a few touches of silver. I wanted to put forward a single candle and use electric lanterns – to avoid any clumsiness and accidents. I therefore selected a Partylite three-wick candle in shades of gold, black and white : the Black Anise. Its slightly spicy and fresh scent is extremely pleasant at this time of year. I surrounded the candle with a Christmas wreath. In order to bring height, I place the candle on a small step so that it takes its place in the center of the table. Then, I used glittery golden foliage to furnish the tablecloth and around the central piece including the christmas wreath and the candle, I placed mini trees of different style and shape. I complete with pine cones that I decorated a few years ago and that I regularly reuse during the holiday season. I had picked up the pine cones, I had dried them well. Then a lick of paint in spray and some glitter, you’re done ! If you have kids this can even be a fun activity to do. I then added some mini iridescent glass pebbles to bring lightness and transparency.

You can find all the Partylite three-wick candles on their e-shop and don’t hesitate to mix the fragrances for an ultra-rich and cocooning olfactory atmosphere.

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