Clarins Make-up Corrector Pen : In or Out ?

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Here is another new Clarins product that I tested : the Make-up Corrector Pen. Like the pen soaked in solvent to touch up our varnish, Clarins offers the same concept for makeup. Is this product worth it? Is it effective? I share my test with you here! Is this the end of cotton swabs soaked in saliva to remove a mascara stain? Don’t look big, we’ve all done it!

Clarins Make-up Corrector Pen

Launched in October, the Make-up Corrector Pen wants to make your life easier. It can be used anywhere, anytime – both at home when you are putting on makeup, and on-the-go during the day. The purpose of this product is to remove unwanted traces of eye and lip makeup, without touching the rest of the makeup.

As its name suggests, this product comes in the form of a pen with a double tip : on one side you have the “in use” tip and on the other three spare tips. Each mine can be used about 100 times. A pen can therefore be used 400 times. Made of white plastic and gold inscriptions, the pen itself is quite sober and elegant. Compact size that can be totally adapted to mobile use. The tip of the pen is a fairly large felt tip with a precise tip.

The formula of this Clarins corrective pen is enriched with jojoba oil, known for its ability to nourish the skin without a greasy effect.

This product is sold for € 20 in Clarins stores and usual salers.

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How to use the Clarins Make-up Corrector Pen?

This pen is intended to be extremely easy to use. You can use it to correct an eyeliner line, misapplied eye shadow, runny mascara, etc. The tip is comfortable and will deposit a small amount of product to retouch your makeup and/or look.

Changing the used tip is also very easy. You just need to remove the “dirty” or dry tip and replace it with a spare one. I would like to point out, even if I probably smash an open door, make the change with clean hands !

Also remember to re-cap the pen so as not to dry the lead.

My opinion on the Clarins correction pen?

The idea of ​​a corrector pen is really great. This is the ideal tool that replaces the cotton swab soaked in makeup remover or saliva (yes, yes, let’s be honest) or the wipes which are all the more polluting. The format is perfectly suited to the use we ask for.

The built-in makeup remover and powerful enough to do quick touch-ups – nevertheless, I found that the corrector had to be used in a specific case : when the makeup is dry. For example, if you apply your mascara and stick the brush into the eye – don’t try to correct the smudging immediately. The mascara being liquid, it will ruin your tip and you will have to change it immediately. This applies to mascara but also to liner – in short, all “liquid” products.

Once you have corrected your makeup, remember to let the area dry or better to dab with a tissue so that you can finish your makeup quickly.

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