Skin System, Marionnaud skincare range

skin system

You may not know it, but Marionnaud has its own range of skincare and makeup : the Skin System range. Today, I invite you to discover with me the face skincare range – which I have never had the opportunity to test until now.

Skin System, Marionnaud skincare range

The Skin System range is intended to be a range of daily skincare and products. The line is presented with a sober and two-tone packaging where white and green and blue are associated. The branding being neutral, we can totally imagine a mixed use of these products – men and women will be able to draw from these references. This range offers a wide range of products from face to body, from daily care to more weekly care with scrubs, masks, etc.

The prices of Skin System products are accessible to the greatest number : price range between 5 and 30€ for anti-aging skincare.

marionnaud skincare

Skin System Reset Fresh Cleansing Jelly – €9,99

It wouldn’t be a Marshmallowor(l)d product test without a cleanser test – for those who have been following me for a while, you know I love testing this type of product.

This cleanser comes in the form of a gel – fresh on application and gentle on the fragrance. Once in contact with the skin, this jelly turns into foam. It rinses easily without leaving a film on the skin. It can totally serve you as a makeup remover and cleanser (two-in-one) if you don’t wear too much makeup. To eliminate more stronger featuers as eyeliner and mascara, you will need an additional product.

The formula is more suitable for normal to combination skin because this product has a slightly purifying action.

Skin System Pro Age smoothing eye gel – €22,99

What caught my eye when I did my shopping is that this eye cream was awarded at the Victoires de la Beauté, for the year 2020-2021.

This eye contour is gelagain : my unconscious has created consistency in the choice of my product test ! The goal of this eye contour is to provide hydration and freshness – while smoothing the eyes.

I must say that I fell in love with this product – and especially its applicator. The cold metal tip allows to have a massaging and therefore decongestant action. This allows you to wake up well in the morning, reactivate the microcirculation and have a smooth look. The gelformula is pleasant, non-sticky : a real plus in a skincare routine.

My opinion on the Skin System range

Although I have only tested two products, I find that Marionnaud is there to offer skincare alternatives to usual high end brands that are not within the reach of all budgets. Marionnaud is committed to a visual identity of neutral products – allowing all customers to dare to look and why not buy this range.

In addition to being skincare that is committed to the quality that we know from the Marionnaud brand, the prices are accessible to allow all women and men to have fun and pamper themselves on a daily basis.

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