I visited a nougat factory : Nougaterie des Fumades

Nougaterie des fumadesNougaterie des fumadesNougaterie des fumades

Small gourmet stopover during the holidays : la Nougaterie des Fumades. If you remember, I fell in love with the Dura couple during the Salon du Chocolat in 2018. We have kept in contact since then and I went to see them during my holidays in Provence to visit their nougat factory. Come with me to discover this place that will delight young and old.

Nougaterie des Fumades : how to get there

To access the Nougaterie des Fumades, you must have a car. It is in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of nature, that Sylvie and Philippe officiate. The nougaterie is located in Allègres-les-Fumades : 16 Hameau d’Auzon, 30500 Allègre-les-Fumades (GPS coordinates: 44.20187, 4.23662).

If you want to explore the Cévennes, this place can be an idea to put on your itinerary.

Coming from Cavaillon, I took a good hour.

Nougaterie des Fumades : the place

You will arrive in front of a large cream building with a few touches of orange, which stands out against the landscape. The Dura couple renovated an old wine cooperative. The couple have kept a trace of this past by keeping the vats and certain small details that give the place soul.

La Nougaterie is divided into :

  • the shop : whether you want nougats, chocolates, spreads, etc. you will find your happiness.
  • the ice cream corner : where you can eat delicious gelato (Italian ice cream) indoors or outdoors.
  • the laboratory : where all the products are made.

It is pleasant to move around in this space which is intended to be very welcoming. I was there so well that I spent the afternoon there…Well, I admit I ate a little too much ice cream !

Nougaterie des fumadesgourmandise citation pierre ferméNougaterie des fumades

Nougats and confectionery

The nougaterie is known for its nougats – which are really excellent and high end. If you have the opportunity to taste the Dura nougat, you will see that it does not stick to your teeth as we might think.

From my road trip, I brought back nougat, of course, but also their famous chocolate spread that I particularly like. If you like Nocciolata, you’ll fall for Dura’s Intense Chocolate – which is really strong in flavor with a smoother texture.

A confectionery that brings me back to childhood : it’s marshmallows. I remember the long sticks my parents bought me at le Chat Bleu…And I tasted the one from Nougaterie des Fumades – which are even more airy with scents like passion fruit that just make me melt with happiness. Bonus : these marshmallows are suitable for kosher or hallal diets since they are made without pork gelatin.

I was also able to taste their calissons – some friends also tasted them and really appreciated the little twist that Philippe brought to them by flavoring the calissons differently (violet, lemon, etc.).

The highlight of the show is the gelato…I had never eaten so many scoops of ice cream in one afternoon but it was totally worth it ! The nougaterie offers original, authentic perfumes highlighting seasonal products. When I went there I tasted : yogurt, kiwi, honey/lavender, white coffee, melon and raspberry. Against all expectations, I loved the coffee gelato which is incredibly fine. The secret ? The coffee beans are infused into the cream before it is transformed into ice cream. This gives coffee ice cream without any bitterness: a revelation !

gelato france

In short, you will understand, I am a foodie but a foodie who wants only the best.

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