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Am I a fashion blogger ? A question I ask myself when I fill in the columns of this blog. I take this article in which I’m shari,g with you a little spontaneous photoshoot on the magnificent Pont du Gard site to think about it.

Blogging history

When I started blogging, first cooking, then beauty – fashion was not part of the package. Indeed, I did not grow up in an environment that particularly valued fashion. And then, for a long time, I was a real “tomboy”. If you told me about dresses or skirts, I was going to laugh in your face.

For me, at the beginning, blogging was to talk about a subject that was a bit distant from me. Cooking or beauty, finally, we are on the kinda “material” themes. We don’t necessarily need to show us a lot.

And then, I couldn’t see myself talking about clothes because I wasn’t particularly interested in them…Simply because I had trouble getting dressed.

Blogging and self-image

As I implied in the previous paragraph, I absolutely did not correspond to the images circulating in the media. I was fat, obese – if we wanted to use the medical term. Getting dressed was a hassle. My appearance didn’t reflect who I really was. So the clothes didn’t allow me to express who I was either.

In college I started to lose weight and this is where I was able (even allowed myself) to become interested in how I dressed. I fumbled a lot. I didn’t know what was right for me, what I liked, etc. I felt fat for a long time even though I had lost weight. The work on the image of the body takes a long time and is not straightforward – especially in our societies.

Then, little by little, I managed to find the colors that I would prefer to wear, then the cuts (well, that does not prevent that sometimes I try things that come out of what I usually wear). I started to have my style.

fashion blogger

Re-appropriating our body image

The first click came with dancing and more specifically Cuban salsa which I started during college : a real eye-opener to see what my body could do while my thoughts was very limiting. I succeeded in removing certain shackles and mental prisons in which I was caught and I started to make friends with this body which until then encumbered me.

I obviously continued the dance and all the active means to let my body move…Then came the photo. For those who follow me, the Photo-revelation shoot that I did in 2016 marked a turning point. It came to plant a seed…I started doing “fashion” shoots, not a lot but enough to gain confidence. This seed that grew because the following year, I challenged myself to do a lingerie shoot for my 30th birthday (in 2017).

In the meantime, I still had ups and downs with my body. Right now I’m working on it – I’m trying not to be in the struggle but the gentle accompaniment. I had spoken about it on social networks : following drug treatment, I gained weight. And I intend to lose all that again. The file is on the stack. The sequel to the next episode.

Am I a fashion blogger ?

To this day, I don’t particularly identify as a fashion blogger. Why ? I like to do a few shoots and share with you some look ideas…However, I do not consume “enough” clothes compared to these content creators that I consider to be in fashion. I don’t have handbags from luxury houses. I’m not following the trends with little triangular glasses, the come back of the Buffalo, and so on. I have my style and I share it, it stops there.

Like I said, “I don’t consume enough clothes” …Like everything on my blog, I’m not trying to make you empty your bank account for this or that. I am not here to “influence” you to buy. Yes, of course, we all influence each other, but I consider that you have the right to your free will, as I have this right. Especially since I make the effort to greatly limit the purchase of fast-fashion so the clothes I buy don’t cost the same price so the budget and the quantity are different.

So, no, I won’t describe myself as a fashion blogger but I am a blogger who loves fashion, who takes pleasure in wearing the pieces of my wardrobe, in accessorizing them…Fashion is for me pieces in which we want to live our life fully, to bring out each of our pieces and to live experiences with it !

Visiting the Pont du Gard

I did this shoot on the Pont du Gard site during my vacation. I couldn’t take a lot of pictures because the weather quickly turned to rain.

Even if the Pont du Gard is not in Provence, I wanted to visit this site which was only an hour’s drive from where I was on vacation. On the way, you can even stop at Saint Rémy de Provence, Beaucaire, etc. It is quite possible to make a very nice little circuit to get to this quite fabulous site.

You can walk around the site, or even hike and swim (unsupervised swimming).

I am always amazed to see how in these times, the human being was able to achieve technical feats of this kind !

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