Extend your tan with The Body Shop Coco Bronze range

extend your tan

While you are reading this blogpost, I will be on vacation, trying to tan a little bit (live my life of fair skin !). The end of summer vacation is coming and we all want to extend your tan, have that healthy look thanks to our bronzy complexion, etc.

Extend your tan

How to enjoy your tan the longest when you return from vacation ? So, there are tips that we can do both before and after our sun exposure.

Before the holidays

it is possible to prepare your skin for the sun. There are several brands that offer food supplements to take for 1, 2, 3 months before going in the sun.

Also, before leaving, it is important to take good care of our skin (ultimately throughout the year). This involves regular exfoliation and top hydration.

After the holidays

We believe that it is better not to exfoliate after the holiday because we will loose our tan…While it is during the holidays that we should leave our skin alone because it will thicken slightly to protect itself from the sun. On the other hand, when returning from vacation, the scrub allows you to have a brighter tan. You can do a scrub every three days after your vacation. There are scrubs with beads (sugar, coffee, salt, etc.) but also brushes or gloves to use with your soap or shower gel.

If we want to prolong our tan, we must moisturize our skin morning and night. To prevent flaking, we need to plenty moisturize ! Apply a formula rich in water and fat (remember to drink plenty of water too !). Water is used to irrigate our cells (composed mainly of water) and fat prevents its evaporation.

There are also so-called tanning-prolonging milks and creams on the market. You can also bet on these products because their formulas contain active ingredients that stimulate melanocytes. This helps to synthesize melanin when you return from vacation.

You can also eat a diet rich in beta-carotene.

extend your tan

Extend your tan with The Body Shop Coco Bronze range

Previously known with the Honey Bronze range, The Body Shop has reworked its entire range of products to have the goddess look returning from holiday : the Coco Bronze range is launched ! As its name suggests, you will find coconut in the composition of the products. The Body Shop has enriched the range products with organic virgin coconut oil and Fairtrade organic coconut water from Samoa.

The range consists of five products for both the body and the face :

  • Matte Bronzing Powder : This powder provides natural tanned skin all year round. It is available in three shades.
  • Gradual tan lotion : product to be used before the holidays to start preparing the skin both on the body and on the face (except in cases of perioral dermatitis). This lotion consists only of natural dyes and DHA of 100% natural origin.
  • Shimmering dry oil : to highlight the glow of our skin, bet on dry oil. Its formula is non-greasy and will enhance the natural tan with its light reflecting particles.
  • Glowing wash off tan : With this lotion, you will be able to obtain an effortless tan in a few seconds. The Glowing wash off tan rinses off in the shower and leaves skin hydrated and refreshed. You can combine it with Shimmering dry oil for an even more wow effect !
  • Glistening Glow Powder : This product combines a bronzer and a light highlighter to give a satin look in an instant. To be used on the face, the shoulders and the neckline.

I already liked the Honey Bronze range, the Coco Bronze range is very nice to discover. Glistening Glow powder is a good basic to have for sun-kissed makeup. Lotions, on the other hand, give our skin a little boost to give that little extra je ne sais quoi !

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