Raspberry lemon tart : freshness and acidity

raspberry lemon tartraspberry lemon tart

Last week, I was invited to dinner with friends and I made a lemon raspberry tart to finish the meal on a tangy note. In addition, I had shortbread from the time I made my strawberry pie – so the recipe was pretty quick to prepare.

If I had had the time, I would have made a meringue because I am an absolute fan of the lemon meringue pie but I did not have the time ! Nevertheless, the pie was a great success and my friends were refilled. So, it’s up to you !

For the lemon cream, I used a different recipe than usual. I followed Moulaye Fanny’s advice on his blog.

Raspberry lemon tart recipe


For the shortcrust pastry

250g of flour

150g butter

100g sugar

1 egg

A little vanilla powder

For the lemon cream

150g lemon juice

120g sugar

3 whole eggs

180g butter

Some raspberries

Mint leaves

lemon tart


Shortbread pastry

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl by hand, wooden spoon or using your food processor.

With this quantity, you can make two pies (about 6 people – not too greedy !). You can freeze the rest.

Let the dough rest for 2 hours or make it the day before.

Spread the dough on a floured work surface and cut out the shape that suits you (circle, pastry rectangle). Place the dough in the mold, prick the bottom with a fork and bake it white 15 min at 180°C (th. 6). To prevent the dough from swelling, spread the bottom of the beans wrapped in aluminum foil.

Lemon cream

In a bain marie, heat the lemon juice, sugar and whole eggs like a pastry cream.

Let your cream cool down to around 60°C.

Pour the preparation over the diced cold butter and mix with a hand blender for several minutes to emulsify your cream well. You should see that the cream is already starting to set.

Reserve in the cold for 2 hours to obtain a solidified cream.

Assembling the pie

Put the lemon cream in a pocket with a plain tip.

Spread cream on the inside of your cooled pie shell.

Cut the raspberries into quarters and arrange them on the lemon cream. Chop a few fresh mint leaves.

All that’s left to do is taste.

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raspberry lemon tart


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