How to organize your summer capsule wardrobe

organize summer capsule wardrobeorganize summer capsule wardrobeplus size summer dress

It’s been a while since I’ve talked to you about capsule wardrobe and I thought it was time to share my advice on how to organize your summer capsule wardrobe. Especially with the sun we had, we want to renew our wardrobe a bit. Here are my tips to properly edit your capsule wardrobe for summer !

How to organize your summer capsule wardrobe

Before wanting to add a few pieces in your wardrobe, it is essential to go through a few preliminary steps in order to optimize each pieces and avoid falling back into too much and clutter. This is all the more reasons if you exchange wardrobe between your fall/winter and spring/summer clothes for lack of space.

Take inventory

It’s really the first thing to do : be aware of all the seasonal pieces you have and sort them out. You can organize three piles according to :

  • to keep,
  • to give,
  • to sale.

It is also an opportunity to retry all your pieces !

Find your favorite pieces and set them aside. To sort, some pieces are easy to discriminate. If others make you hesitate, ask yourself these questions :

  • Have I worn this item of clothing in the past 12 months ? If not, I will part with it.
  • Does this pieces always match my style, taste, etc .? If not, I will part with it.

You can always punctually use what I call a “joker” if for example you are losing weight or that a piece really makes you hesitate, it is always possible to allow yourself 6 or 12 months of additional time.

For the parts from which you are going to get rid off :

  • Give to associations or friends,
  • Resell the pieces that you don’t wear anymore if their condition allows it.
  • For damaged and irreparable pieces, think about recycling.

Also keep one or two outfits for DIY at home (personally, I use my workout clothes !).

Organize by category

The second step is to organize your clothes by category in order to know precisely what you have in each of them and if necessary to establish a list of missing essential items.

This step is relatively simple, group the dresses with the dresses, the tops with the tops, the skirts with the skirts, the pants with the pants, etc. It also facilitates storage because you can adapt the space accordingly.

Put away your wardrobe

Once you’ve sorted and organized your clothes by category, all you have to do is put away your wardrobe. As I already shared on the blog, I only have little space to store my things. It is therefore essential to think about space optimization, both in terms of height, than to think of small objects lying around.

Either you have time in front of you and you can do it all at once, or you can do it little by little if you are the type to get discouraged by the magnitude of the task.

In order to find the ideal organization for you, the first step is to identify which things are lying around “easily” (shoes, belts, bags, etc.). The second step is to see where the space losses are.

For example, at home, I create storage using boxes and baskets. My shoes are organized in a Billy library on which I hung a curtain. In parallel, I have a rack on which I have my most worn pieces of the moment. This allows me to easily access what I need.

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How to buy so as not to clutter ?

If after this declutter session, you find that you lack pieces to pass the season, it is time to take action. However, this may be the time to think about how we consume textiles. How do we buy from now ?

The advice I can give you is :

  • buy quality and timeless pieces : Long-lasting clothing will have less impact on the environment. At the same time if you really buy something that you like and fit, you will always enjoy wearing it as much.
  • choose the clothes that you will actually wear : how many times have I been able to go to the checkout and say to myself “I take it just in case I don’t find anything better”. For several years now, if I have a doubt, if I don’t feel hot in a fringe, I rest – without regret.
  • think about the second hand : obviously, the difficulty is the fitting but you can ask for the measurements and selecting brands whose cuts you know, this is quite possible. Many apps are available: Vinted, Vestiaire Collective, Depop, etc.

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