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Each evening, I have a little ritual which consists of lighting one or a couple of candles to create a relaxing atmosphere and I will share my latest crush for the Panpuri brand. I was able to take advantage of a private sale on the Beauté Privée website which allowed me to take advantage of these magnificent candles at a more affordable price. So, if you are interested, I invite you to discover this site.

Panpuri : the brand

Founded in 2003, Panpuri is a luxury brand of Thai origin that wishes to connect the five senses in order to offer a modern well-being that is interested in both the skin and the soul. Panpuri will be distinguished by the naturalness of its products and their unique olfactory identity.

Panpuri is a name made up of ancient Sanskrit literature. PANNA means wisdom in Thai while PURI refers to purity, discovery and it is also a holy place of pilgrimage.

“PAÑPURI is the place where we find the balance between our inner self, our outer self and our environment.”

Vorravit Siripark, founder and CEO.

In 2014, the brand launched its Panpuri Organics range, which is the first luxury organic brand in Thailand.

Panpuri is a “lifestyle” brand that promotes a more complete, balanced and refined lifestyle allowing each of us to find inner peace, health and authentic beauty.


Panpuri for your home

Panpuri is about body care and also fragrances for the home through candles and fragrance diffusers. These products create an inspiring atmosphere at home.

All the products are very refined, both in their design and in the fragrances that are offered. Home fragrances are inspired by traditional beauty recipes and combine them with modern science to obtain efficiency and artistic olfactory keys. The result is a luxurious and authentic union between the Far East and the West.

I integrated two candles into my interior. Here’s what you need to know about these products.

Candle making

The brand also offers a sustainable organic approach to home fragrances with a traditional Far Eastern sensory experience without the use of toxic, synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients.

The wax chosen for the manufacture is a natural soy wax from sustainable sources. Soy wax guarantees clean combustion. Panpuri candles have a 90 hour burn time.

The wick is guaranteed free of lead, zinc and other heavy metals which release dangerous toxins into the air. It is made of cotton because this material ensures homogeneous combustion.


The packaging is also sublime, both the box that packs the candles than the glass.

The box is wrapped in recycled paper and printed in environmentally friendly soy ink. It is adorned with light gold threads that convey elegance and refinement.

The glass of the containers is blown and polished by hand. Each Panpuri candle glass is therefore unique and highlights an admirable artisanal know-how.

This makes them great gift ideas !

Panpuri candles

Each olfactory key offered by Panpuri is designed to evoke a memory, a nostalgic emotion on a moment anchored in us.

The two candles that I have integrated are Andaman Sails and Siamese Water.

Andaman Sails Scented Candle

The Andaman Sails candle comes in blue packaging. Even without turning it on, it captivates.

Andaman Sails tells the story of the Andaman Sea bordering the Thai coast : the serenity of the waves, the emerald waters and the sensation of the sun’s rays touching the skin.

The notes that make up this candle are bergamot, green tea and nutmeg. Sandalwood envelops you like a refreshing wave.

When I turn it on, I have the feeling of having a man at home (yes, yes ! It is similar to certain masculine fragrances based on sandalwood and I love it !). It is wooded and fresh – as if I was walking by the water on the beach and I was dreaming of my summer crush.

Siamese Water Scented Candle

Siamese Water is the olfactory signature of Panpuri products. It stands out with its almond green packaging.

It takes us to discover the kingdom of Siam. This fragrance combines floral notes of jasmine absolute, jasmine with ylang-ylang flower petals and peppermint.

This association is simply divine : fresh, feminine, sensual – it combines some of my favorite notes in perfumery. Upon ignition, we travel and relax.

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