Which Jo Malone fragrance to choose ?

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Which Jo Malone fragrance to choose ? A question that readers may have asked me in the past and to which it is not so easy to answer. Indeed, the choice of a fragrance is intimately personal and there is nothing better than going to make your discoveries in the shop and above all, to test the fragrances on your skin in order to see how the juice evolves. Nevertheless, I will present my collection and everything you need to know about Jo Malone in order to orient yourself as best as possible !

Jo Malone London, the brand

Jo Malone London is an English perfumer. The house was founded at 154 Walton Street in London in 1994 by Jo Malone

The house joined the Estée Lauder group in 1999 and is now available in 22 countries and territories. Jo Malone is famous for his reinvented approach to perfumery by creating amazing olfactory associations. The brand is known for its elegance and originality thanks to its way of working the notes for both men and women.

Its innovative concept is the Art of Fragrance Combining™, Scent SurroundHome Fragrance, the Art of Gift Giving and the Art of Hospitality.

Fragrance Combining

The concept of the Fragrance Combining allows from two fragrances to create a third which will be unique.

This association is possible thanks to the way in which Jo Malone fragrances are composed. They usually consist of half the ingredients to make this association possible.

The brand advises certain associations according to its creations, but creative freedom remains essential.

Scent Surround ™ Home Fragrance

Jo Malone also cultivates the Art of Home Fragrance through different products. It wishes to accompany us throughout the house through unique atmospheres.

You will find both :

  • candles that add an extra touch when lit,
  • diffusers which allow to have a continuous olfactory atmosphere in every corner of the house,
  • room sprays which create an atmosphere of a gesture through an explosion of scents,
  • the linen spray that brings a luxurious and relaxing touch every time you open your cupboards.

The Art of Gift Giving

The house Jo Malone cultivates the culture of the gift giving through many attentions available in store so that each gift is unique.

Gift wrapping is totally gorgeous. In parallel, it is also possible to take advantage of the engraving service which allows you to personalize your Jo Malone perfume, candle or bath oil. Whether by the choice of typo, the message (a first name, a nickname, a date, etc.), your gift will be all the more extraordinary.

Which Jo Malone fragrance to choose ?

When it comes to perfume, the English house chooses to categorize its creations by type of notes and not by genre (perfumes for women versus perfumes for men). Also, the Colognes are organized into two main categories :

  • Colognes (55€ for 30ml, 110€ for 100ml) and
  • Colognes Intense (93€ for 50ml, 135€ for 100ml).

There is also the Archive Collection, available only online, which allows you to buy old collections that were created in limited edition (110€ for 100ml).

The Absolu Collection is exclusive to certain shops or sales points. It offers captivating fragrances, mixing English floral notes with ingredients from the Arabian desert, sought after for their intensity : Musk, Amber and Oud (237€ for 100ml).

The Colognes

In the collection of “timeless” Colognes, you will therefore find :

  • Citrus : refreshing and energizing, they highlight more citrus and tangy notes.
  • Fruity : juicy, gourmet, these colognes offer a new interpretation of the “sweet” fragrance.
  • Light Floral : delicate, ephemeral, these creations are poetic.
  • Floral : heady and bewitching, these scents are richer and more provocative.
  • Spicy : sensual, passionate, it contains a lot of originality.
  • Woody : aromatic, more raw, these scents bring us back to what the Earth has most precious.

Intense Colognes

In this Intense range, Jo Malone offers eight creations :

  • Vetiver & Golden Vanilla : envelops you in sensual warmth with cardamom, Bourbon vetiver and Bourbon vanilla.
  • Oud & Bergamot : a mesmerizing oriental with bergamot, cedar and oud wood.
  • Velvet Rose & Oud : you will succumb to a strong magnetism with cloves, Damascus roses and Oud wood.
  • Bronze Wood & Leather : mysterious and smoky with grapefruit, bronze wood and a leather base (molecule).
  • Myrrh & Tonka : get your mind in a kinda meditative state with lavender, myrrh Omumbiri and tonka bean.
  • Tuberose Angelica : a deep floral creation with angelica, tuberose and amber.
  • Jasmine Sambac & Marigold : immerse yourself in sensual sophistication with marigold, sambac jasmine and Béjoin resin.
  • Dark Amber & Ginger Lily : calm and relaxing with cardamom, black orchid and Kyara incense.

 which Jo Malone fragrance to choose

Which Jo Malone fragrance to choose : my advice

There are not particularly rules in the choice of fragrance but if you want to be oriented on which perfume Jo Malone to choose…Nevertheless, I will already invite you to :

  • go to the store to be accompanied by a professional. Personally, I love meeting my friend Céline who manages the boutique at Palais Royal in Paris.
  • choose a perfume from the collection of “classic” Colognes that will be timeless in your perfume collection and allow you to start on a base withe the Fragrance Combining.
  • try the fragrance before buying it. I think it is very important to see how the scent evolves on the skin. Generally, if I can, I test it on my wrist, I do a tour of 1 or 2 hours and I come back to buy it if its evolution pleases me.
  • buy a 30ml format to start with : if you want to get used to your new fragrance first and maybe buy two on your first visit, opt for the 30ml format. The price is a little higher than for a 100ml but it can allow you to have fun and play with your new Jo Malone collection.

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