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sustainable wardrobesustainable wardrobe

How to have a sustainable wardrobe is a question that is increasingly present in our societies – especially after very shocking revelations from the textile industry. I love fashion, to dress up, however, I talk about it less often on the blog because I am not a big consumer. Sometimes I don’t always feel legitimate to talk about it elsewhere. However, I thought that you might be interested in knowing more about my relationship with clothes and how I manage my shopping !

My relationship to fashion

This relationship has been and is sometimes conflicting. Not being a “standard” size is sometimes frustrating – even if I have lost weight and feel good in my own skin. Still many brands are not inclusive and it is disappointing not to be able to buy this or that piece.

From the moment I started to lose weight, my relationship started with consumption. I could dress more easily and I allowed myself more to dress in a more “feminine” way – which was not at all the case when I think about it. Once this “compensatory” period, this report became more “peaceful” and I became interested in the concept of Capsule Wardrobe which responded to a desire to have better pieces in my wardrobe and especially optimize each item of clothing. In parallel, I was also eager to limit my purchases in fast fashion which does not correspond at all to my philosophy of life. Buy less but better, repair rather than throw away, etc.

Also, my style and my tastes have really refined. I know what I like (dresses, skirts, blouses and other shirts), the colors (white, pink, blue and black) and cuts (belted, skater) that suit me so I don’t try to try some trends that will not suit me. So sometimes I test and see (for example, recently, I wanted to see what the square necklines looked on me, total failure. At least, that’s clear !).

Obviously, this journey does not happen overnight. Take the time to open your mind and see what is the aspect that speaks to you the most to begin with.

How to have a sustainable wardrobe ?

For me, having a sustainable wardrobe includes :

  • reduce the purchase of fast fashion items : I hardly shop anymore at Primark, H&M, etc. I do not refrain from sometimes looking at what is being done, but these are not my reflex places to shop.
  • investing in better quality pieces : conversely, putting more money in items that will last longer corresponds more to my way of consuming. For example, the last boots I bought cost me more than 300€ (on sale at 50%) but they are made in Italy and can be repaired as many times as necessary by my excellent shoemaker. To give you an idea, this year, I repaired a dozen pairs of shoes, it cost me a hundred euros but on the other side, I extended the life of my shoes for a one more year. Less waste, more durability and the pleasure of continuing to wear shoes that I love ! So, yes, buying better can cost more but try to be strategic : wait for the sales, inquire for the outlet (but beware, some brands – even in luxury, create special collections for these places), save and make reasonable purchases.
  • buy second-hand : Vinted and Vestiaire Collective, etc. can be your best friends for second-hand shopping. I recently started to buy on Vinted – not always easy in terms of sizing but I was able to find some pearls and I am delighted ! A piece of advice for this type of application : be patient !
  • invest in timeless pieces : just like buying pieces from better manufacturers, I always think about the time investment of a piece. So yes, we can have some more extravagant pieces for special occasions but choose timeless basics and cuts that will always be up to date and to your taste. For example, I love white shirts, I chose to buy one from Anne Fontaine who is super nicely detailed.

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