Dior Backstage Eye Palette : my review

Dior Backstage Eye Palette

It’s been a while since I fell completely in front of the Dior Backstage Eye Palette Amber Neutrals…So I recently bought this palette (thank you Vinted !) And I decided to present it to you here on the blog and on Youtube through a makeup tutorial.

Dior Backstage

The Dior Backstage range is intended to be the first makeup line inspired by Dior backstage (behind the scenes) and imagined by Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director of Dior makeup, for all women who want a professional result.

The house has therefore declined a whole range of make-up (eyes, complexions, lips and accessories) for its customers. The packaging is different from the usual range in order to distinguish them. These are all (or almost) transparent because behind the scenes, it has to go fast and know in the blink of an eye which product we will use.

Today, I suggest you stop by on the eye makeup of the Dior Backstage range.

Dior Backstage Eye Palette

Dior Backstage Eye Palette Amber Neutrals

The objective of Dior Backstage Eye Palettes is to offer the opportunity to create makeups with multiple textures and effects, having everything at your fingertips. Dior offers you an ultra professional result at home with its palettes.

The palette that I invite you to discover is the 003 Amber Neutrals (three others are available : 001 Universal Neutrals, 002 Cool Neutrals, 004 Rosewood Neutrals). Like all Eye Palettes, it is composed as follows :

  • 1 base/primer,
  • 3 shimmery shades,
  • 3 matte shades,
  • 1 illuminating shade,
  • 1 sculpting shade.

The palettes are well thought in terms of colors : we have mat, shimmer, something to sculpt and even draw a line of liner as well as the base in order to hold your makeup as well as possible. These palettes are thought of as the complete toolbox for eye makeup : whether simple or sophisticated.

Personally, I like the palettes that are composed with this diversity of finishes. This makes it possible to carry out many styles of makeup – and this, for all occasions.

Regarding the quality of the eyeshadows, they are fairly pigmented and are thought to be working in “thin layers”, like behind the scenes of a fashion show. Indeed, this allows make-up artists to modulate the intensities according to the artistic direction of a show and to have more versatility in a product.

I tested them both with brush and finger application, they are perfect in both cases. And even, I think I prefer the finger because they have an ultra-melting textures which makes the application on the finger very pleasant and fun. All the eyeshadows in the palette work very well together and blend easily with each other.

I take great pleasure in using this palette which can both be used in a nude and more sophisticated version with smokeys in coppery and burgundy tones : ideal for highlighting clear eyes. Nevertheless, all the palettes in the range are designed to adapt to all skin tones and specificities of each.

Price : 49€

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Dior Backstage Eye Palette


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