How to have soft and satin skin ?

comment avoir la peau douce

How to have soft and satin skin, a question we can all ask ourselves, women and men. In winter, this question is sometimes avoided because we show little skin…However, if you want to have soft skin all year round, I invite you to read more !

How to have soft and satin skin?

The skin of the body is different from the one of the face and the care we can give it too. To have soft skin, before thinking about moisturizing, there are several small reflexes to keep in mind :

  • getting enough hydration throughout the day : we can’t repeat it enough getting hydrated from the inside is extremely important.
  • avoid clothing that is too tight : clothing that sticks to the skin will rub and damage the epidermis of the skin. Try not to wear slim pants every day for example – in addition, it promotes ingrown hairs for those who wax.
  • avoid overly long and hot showers : the water will attack the hydrolipidic film of the skin. This is what makes your fingers all wrinkled when you stay in the bath for too long.
  • choose the right shower gel or soap bar : depending on its formula, some ingredients dry out the skin more than others. Also, using too much shower gel (this will be less the case with soap) will dry out the skin.
  • exfoliate : making a body scrub is extremely beneficial for maintaining your skin and its smoothness. Exfoliation helps rid the body of dead skin and promote the absorption of a moisturizing oil or milk.
  • moisturize : the last step which nourishes and hydrates the body. Depending on your skin type, more or less dry areas, you will select the care most suited to your needs.

comment avoir la peau douce

How to have soft and satin skin : which body scrubs to choose ?

The body scrub is essential for having soft skin – in addition to being an additional pre-hair removal step.

I invite you to choose scrubs with natural ingredients – this is better for the planet and for our skin. Today, you can find formulas with salts, sugar, crushed fruit, etc. The exfoliating agent is then combined with a more creamy or oil formula to promote application and take care of your skin.

Today I’m going to introduce two products that I’ve really enjoyed using lately.

Amore Puro Deep Body Scrub

Another product awarded at the Victoires de la Beauté and for which I had a crush : the body scrub with olive oil by Amore Puro.

Formulated with crushed olive pits and organic extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany, this scrub will purify and soften the epidermis, for an immediate rejuvenating effect. In addition to gently removing dead cells and impurities, olive oil will deeply hydrate the skin and strengthen its protective barrier.

What I like about this scrub is that the grains are not too large. The product has a fresh, light scent – don’t worry, you won’t smell like olive oil ! In addition, it is very effective and the skin is really clearer and luminous after having used it.

Renaissance Body Scrub
€29 for 200ml

Body Scrub Bach Flower Treatments

Inspired by the knowledge of Dr Bach, of which you probably know the flower essences including the famous Rescue, a range of cosmetics was born thanks to the company Elixirs & Co. This company values ​​the know-how of Dr Bach by strictly respecting the original manufacturing method developed by Dr Bach (for more information, click here).

The Anti-Stress Body Scrub gently removes dead cells and impurities in addition to having an action on the emotional state of the person. The formula of the scrub is composed of cane sugar crystals from Thailand for an exceptional feeling of well-being. Rich in trace elements, sugar stimulates micro-circulation and provides perfect exfoliation. The apricot kernel oil present in this scrub serves as a natural emollient to preserve all types of skin, even the most sensitive.

The Anti-Stress range is formulated with anti-stress Bach flowers which have been proven for almost 20 years in the stress elixir :

  • Agrimony : helps to find the right words and to express them in situation.
  • Oak : to drop mental hyperactivity.
  • Impatient : to calm nerves on edge.
  • White chestnut : to stop going around in your head indefinitely.
  • Pin : to avoid blaming yourself and feeling guilty.
  • Wild apple : so as not to be exhausted in perfectionism.
  • Verbena : brings calm and tranquility when you are overworked.

What I like about this scrub is the size of the grains which is extremely pleasant and brings a little yummy touch to the product. The anti-stress action is a real bonus. The fragrance is present without being heady. With the heat of the shower, it creates a steam bath atmosphere that I love. After use, the skin texture is refined, the skin regains its softness.

Anti-Stress Body Scrub
between 32 and 42 € depending on the sites the 210g

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