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boho makeupboho makeup

Boho makeup is a brand of cosmetics that is becoming more and more known to the general public. I was able to test some of their products following the Victoires de la Beauté where the brand was awarded.

Boho makeup : the brand

Boho is a committed brand of natural, certified organic makeup. Boho wishes to combine soft and pigmented formulas, a human and environmental ethic with reasonable prices.

The formulas are made from ingredients from organic farming such as oils, waxes and plant extracts.

Boho offers a full range of makeup covering all beauty categories : complexion makeup, eyes makeup, lip makeup, nail polish and accessories.

Boho fights against overwrapping by offering products without blisters or superfluous packaging. In parallel, the brand is involved in different organizations such as “1% for the Planet” and the Fondation pour la Nature et l’Homme (FNH).

The brand is also positioning itself on accessible prices in order to make organic makeup accessible to all.

boho makeupboho makeup

Boho makeup reviews

I tested three Boho products with which I’m warring in today’s photos (as well as other products).

The complexion

To structure my face and warm it up, I used a bronzer that the brand calls Terra Cotta. I have the shade 08 Terre de Toscane which is a medium matt brown – which is perfect for light skin tones.

The formula is fine and slightly creamy, it will not dry out the skin. Its application is easy using an angle brush to give radiance to the face for a good-looking effect.

I also use it as an eyeshadow in the hollow of the eyelid to blend the eyeshadows and create an ultra natural and light shade.

The eyes

I tested the Mascara Jungle Longueur which was awarded at the Victoires de la Beauté in 2019 as well as at the Cosmébio Trophies 2019 in the “Innovation” category. The Mascara Jungle Longueur contains 99,25% natural ingredients and 64,94% certified organic ingredients. We find in it organic Cranberry water and organic Brown Linseed extract with soothing properties. This product is 100% vegan.

It has a rigid elastomer, slender and regular brush. This brush was specifically designed to catch the eyelashes, separate them and lengthen them.

This mascara is easy to use : its brush effectively allows you to catch all the lashes and cover them with a layer of product to define the look. The formula is comfortable and does not make the lashes hard. However, this product does not perform well over time. Indeed, after a few hours, a stain of mascara takes place under the eyes, creating a “panda eyes” effect which we do not want when we wear make up. At the end of the day, I have the feeling that the majority of the mascara is gone.

The lips

I always have a nude lipstick in my handbag for everyday use. I replaced the one I had with the Rouge à Lèvres bio Nacré Transparent in shade 402 Vanille Fraise.

The formula consists of 100% ingredients of natural origin, 81% of which are certified organic. It is 100% vegan.

The special feature of the Nacré Transparent range is that it offers sheer satin colors while moisturizing the lips. The finish is natural and brings just that little extra touch for plumpy lips.

Even if the formula of lipstick is transparent, it is possible to build the color gradually. Indeed, apply a layer if you want the finish of a tinted balm. Chain the layers, allowing the product to dry slightly to obtain a more intense color.

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