Why taking New Year’s resolutions ? Welcome 2020 !

Why taking New Year’s resolutions ? What are the pros and the cons ? The year 2020 begins and as at the beginning of each year, we can observe people – more or less close to us, launching challenges, engaging themselves in a project, etc. In parallel, there are also a good number of people who no longer believe at this time of the year and already know that they will not keep these famous “good resolutions”.

Why taking New Year’s resolutions ?

Obviously, there is no obligation to take one or more resolutions. Perhaps we sometimes come into resistance against a movement because precisely, it is a movement. Everyone starts this year at the beginning of this Prévert style list of I will do this, I will do that…And sometimes, that does not speak to us.

I think that if you don’t recognize yourself in this energy or this atmosphere, don’t bother to fight and do like the others. Listen to yourself and do as you feel !

Perhaps instead of talking about resolutions, it would be more interesting to talk about “awareness”. Obviously, each passage invites to reflect, to make a small assessment of what happened for us. Depending on these awareness, which can affect both :

  • your person : Did I take care of myself ? Do I thrive at work, in my personal life, etc. ?, for example,
  • your entourage : Is this or that relationship just for me? Am I authentic?),
  • the environment : Do I want to have a different impact on the world ? Do I want to commit myself to a cause that is close to my heart ?,
  • etc.

we can adjust our habits, our behavior and sometimes even our commitments. We are so caught up in routines, head in the handlebars, that we don’t even see anymore (or we don’t want to see – that’s another story !) What’s going on for us or around us . So, yes, the transition to a new year invites you to take a breath, to pause for a few days to question yourself, observe yourself and why not plan for a more or less near future.


This passage can also be a moment filled with emotions between what happened in our professional and personal life : remembering highlights, successes, etc. of this year versus the missed opportunities, the previous resolutions not fulfilled…Sometimes these emotions are not always positive. We may feel melancholy, sadness, disappointment, etc. and ruminating on what has not been done during this year. It’s easy to dwell on the negative, human nature is a bit conditioned to that by our societies : strive for excellence and when we do not achieve it or that it is not done, we dwell more about a notion of failure rather than experience. We also forget to ask ourselves why things did not happen ? What have I learned from these situations ?

So, yes, maybe everything did not go as we imagined but what did I learn, grow up ? With this additional experience, how can I anchor myself and embody who I am ?

why taking new year's resolutionswhy taking new year's resolutions

Hoping & dreaming

I want to invite you to point the cursor to the words “hope” and “dream”. To get into the energy and movement of this year 2020, I invite you and invite me to write a few words, a few sentences from you to you for this year. To let yourself be inhabited by what speaks to you, what moves you, what makes you vibrate, etc.

Dear 2020,

2019 was a moment of transition for me – which allowed me to become aware of and act on situations that no longer suited me and to initiate change. It is not always comfortable but I know that I am ready, that it is the moment when it must be done. The dice in my hand and I just have to play.

I was fortunate to live this year surrounded by people I love, to continue to create memories with. I loved each moment of laugh, friendliness, madness that you allowed us to create. I can’t wait to write the rest of these stories, to always share around laughs, hugs and moments of joy ! Love is all around me and I am grateful to be surrounded as well.

I could enjoy the beauty of the world and go on an adventure ! I hope that 2020 will allow me to continue filling out my travel diary.

I know there will be other ups and downs in 2020 because life is never linear but I hope that the positive energy continues to drive me. I hope that this year will be filled with new things, opportunities to go where I want to go. I hope we will be in the present moment, grateful and happy during 2020. I will try to put less pressure on myself without losing my investment and commitment while taking the time to celebrate my achievements and successes.

That in all this I will take time for my well-being, both mental and physical. Take time to take care of myself in order to be the best version of me !

Let’s start this new adventure !

What I’m wearing

Skirt – Maison 1 2 3 (old)
Top – Maison 1 2 3 (old)
Coat – River Island (old)
Boots – André (old)
Tights – Wolford
Sunglasses – Jimmy Fairly
Bag – Michael Kors
Earrings – OGGI (custom made)

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