Saeve : Review on face skincare based on Birch sap


Saeve is a brand that I discovered on Social Networks, then later, during the press day at Beauté Test. I had the opportunity to test a few products and I share my experience here!

Saeve : the brand

Pauline Bony, creator of Saeve, is passionate about beauty. She decided to create cosmetics with rare ingredients that have a history. It was in her native Auvergne, in the heart of ancestral forests, that the designer went to look for the active ingredients necessary to take care of our skin. Very present in this region, it is the birch trees that will inspire Pauline. It is from these trees that Saeve will draw a fresh organic sap in order to deploy remineralizing and hydrating properties. This precious nectar is associated with the chaga mushroom, also called the mushroom of immortality known for its strong antioxidant power.

Beyond these two star active ingredients, the brand also uses a complex of plants recognized in pharmacopoeia :

  • Mauve
  • Grapefruit
  • Maritime pine
  • Blood orange
  • Immortal
  • etc.

Saeve invites us on a journey around naturalness, as if we ourselves were forest fairies and names that sound like magic formulas. The brand consists of 6 ranges that provide benefits adapted to each of our needs.

Saeve : the products

The ingredients used by Saeve are all natural, chosen for their effectiveness, used in such a high concentration that the results on the skin are obvious, visible, long-lasting.

The packaging is quite nice with glass jars for certain products. The others are plastic for tubes and other bottles. In the formulation charter, the brand offers treatments :

  • silicone free
  • without PEG
  • free from mineral oils
  • without SLS
  • without phanoxyethanol
  • without added dyes

The brand’s ranges are as follows :

The products are to be purchased in a drugstore or on the brand’s e-shop.

My test

I tested two products: a face product and a body product. Here is my feedback !

Officinal Detox – Detoxifying Micellar Water

I have integrated Detox Micellar Water into my routine for almost three weeks. This product is extremely depolluting and therefore detox to eliminate impurities, pollution, makeup residue, etc.

It consists of :

  • Fresh organic birch sap : antioxidant, detoxifying, hydrating and soothing
  • Dandelion extract : detoxifying
  • Allantoin : soothing

It is applied to the face using a cotton pad. Having very sensitive eyes, I only use specific care on this area. Like all brands, it is said without rinsing but I rinse it with thermal water – like all micellar waters, advice from my dermatologist who treated my peril-oral dermatitis!

I found it effective and its detox effect is real. This lotion boosts the radiance of the skin, tightens pores and takes care of small daily imperfections.

Detox Micellar Water
€16.80 for 500 ml

Relax Rheum – Relaxing Hydrating Milk

I used the Relaxing Hydrating Milk during my evening routine to prepare for bedtime. This product is anti-stress and moisturizing – in short, a 2-in-1 to take care of your body and mind!

It’s made of :

  • Fresh organic birch sap : antioxidant, detoxifying, hydrating and soothing
  • Rhubarb extract : hydrating
  • Olive Oil : nourishing

It applies to the whole body and the bonus is that its application is easy. Milk does not take too long to penetrate the epidermis. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this moment to massage yourself a little!

What I really liked was its light and fresh texture – which is really gentle on the skin. Its fragrance is perfectly relaxing (with aromatic thyme and herbaceous sage) without being too heady but totally addictive! The skin is well hydrated and comfortable for the whole day – and if you use this product in the morning, don’t worry, it won’t stick to clothes.

Relaxing Hydrating Milk
€18 for 250ml

Saeve Reviews

I am delighted to have discovered this brand which offers natural products at affordable prices in drugstores.

Saeve is a brand that makes great efforts for the formulation of its products which are overwhelmingly naturally formulated. However, the brand has not banned all synthetics from its INCI lists (some polymers, glycols, etc.) remain. Pauline wanted to make her products pleasant to use (texture / fragrance). I think Pauline managed to find a balance between natural and conventional in order to make the most of what is available in the cosmetics industry.

The point of improvement that I will see is at the level of packaging. France is far behind in packaging made from natural materials such as sugar cane, for example. I find it a bit of a shame for a brand that has a significant commitment in terms of composition not to follow through on its idea with more natural packaging (no doubt that the answer is at the budget level).

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