Empower your body : Elomi is for you

empower your body

I already touched on the subject of plus size lingerie on this blog and I wanted to talk about it again through the theme of empower your body. This is a feedback that you often give me on the photos that I share and it is a subject that is important to me.

Empower your body

Empower your body often requires work on oneself. It is usually in school or college that the first remarks appear on a different physique – rounder, more “generous”, etc. The world is not and may never be kind to difference and otherness...All the way is to be the person I am without compromise. This can go through the physical but also through the psychological self.

The body of women has always been the target of diktats, shackles in which we should blend to be acceptable in the eyes of society. Today, thanks to committed women, the cursor is moving. However, it is also up to us to move in the direction not to apologize for who we are : in being and appearing.

Even without sexualizing it, having bigger breasts than a certain average amount of women can be complicated to manage. Some women can feel envious in the face of a generous chest, sometimes threatened,… Men, meanwhile, can find themselves fascinated, obsessed…even downright disgusted. In short, the breasts unleash passions !

The important thing is to be able to build yourself as a woman with the breast we have (natural, in this case). This part of us is a part of us and should not just define us. I have a generous breast yes, but I’m not just a woman with a generous breast. A word to the wise !

So, ladies and gentlemen, find the beauty that emanates from you and which is not just limited to your breasts. Make it a seductive asset if you wishAnd above all, have fun !

empower your bodyempower your body

Plus Size Lingerie

Plus size lingerie is gradually developing – with young and sexy brands ! No longer let a salesperson tell you to buy an extra pair of staples bra to sew on the back or let yourself be told that such a cup or back measurement does not exist. Brands go as far as very deep cups like K, L, M…Just because these models are not available in the traditional distribution stores does not mean that they do not exist. Some physical stores are developing large sizes, I am thinking of my friend Martine and the Un Amour de Lingerie boutique in Paris. For those who do not have access to this type of store, online shops are experiencing a boom that should not be denied.

I find that when we find the lingerie that suits our breasts, our shapes, our curves, we are better able to accept and assume them. We feel better about ourselves because we feel lingerie like a second skin, in which we feel good.

It is important to know that from cup D, the chest needs underwear with a more suitable design and material. Indeed, the weight of the breasts, the morphology, etc. ask for lingerie worked differently.

These differences will be seen in :

  • shoulder straps which are a little wider,
  • tape on the back and the number of staples that are adjusted,
  • the size of the in between breast,
  • seams on the cup (between 3 and 4 to provide more resistance),
  • etc.

Empower your body : Elomi Lingerie

I knew Elomi by chance – fun fact, I had a meeting in the offices of Wacoal in Paris when I was registered in a modeling agency. Unfortunately, the adventure did not go beyond this fitting (too bad, I who love lingerie !).

I recently bought Elomi’s bras because my chest has changed in recent months – due to fluctuations in weight and hormones. As a woman, you should know that our breasts will evolve throughout our lives. Even from week to week, depending on the cycle, it will not be the same either. I went from a cup G to J (my back measurement remains unchanged, I wear 95) and therefore my bras weren’t fitting at all. So I had to do something.

Martine recommended Elomi models that are young, comfortable and sexy. Their design is perfectly suited to voluptuous forms and the maintenance is incredible. As soon as I wore the first model I bought, I immediately saw the difference. My posture is better, the rendering with the clothes is impeccable, the comfort is there !

The model that I present to you is the Lucie Meadow which is a push-up bra with a very pretty neckline for V-tops. It has a pretty spring print accented by a leopard print lace on the back. This model offers three sectioned cups and side support panels offer forward shape and comfort, whilst a low-cut neckline offers plunge without push-up.. I’m a fan!

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