Organic Christmas Tea by Thés de la Pagode

organic christmas tea

A few days before Christmas, everything is good to get even more into this festive atmosphere and nothing like a delicious Organic Christmas Tea to immerse yourself in this very special atmosphere. At home, it’s scented candles, Christmas carols, fairy lights and above all a nice selection of teas.

Organic Christmas Tea by Thés de la Pagode

Les Thés de la Pagode takes us in 2019 to a festive world called “Imperial Nights“. The name takes us on a journey to the confines of the imperial palaces of China. The packaging offered for the Imperial Nights collection is available around a deep night blue with red and gold patterns inspired by Asian art. These teas offer to celebrate this end of the year with a touch of originality.

The house has developed two Christmas teas :

  • Icing Cherry : is a selection of two very beautiful black teas from India, from the gardens of Assam and Korakundah. Full-bodied and robust, they offer notes of honey and chestnut. The Teas of the Pagoda have chosen to combine fruity and gourmet notes of cherry, giving this rich and subtle blend a long finish. A real treat, this tea will be the ideal companion for desserts and tea-time!
  • Winter Citrus : is a selection of a subtle black tea. It goes very well with the zesty notes of a fresh and tangy citrus recipe: lemongrass, lemon and orange. Ginger brings spicy and fresh notes that make this recipe an unforgettable Christmas tea.

Christmas Gift Set by Thés de la Pagode

Les Thés de la Pagode have declined their Christmas collection in different formats and packaging. Here they are :

Organic Christmas Tea “Frosted Cherry” Cardboard box – 10.30g

Here is the new organic Christmas tea recipe in a limited edition. It will delight all fans of red fruit teas with these delicious notes.

This format offers a capacity of 50g of tea leaves. The shape is perfect for mailing or for table gifts or stockings.

organic christmas tea

Organic Christmas tea “Winter Citrus” Cardboard box – 10.30 €

Here is the recipe for organic and fairtrade Christmas tea in a limited edition. More sparkling and spicy, this tea will appeal to those who like to have pep in their hot drink.

This format offers a capacity of 50g of tea leaves. The shape is perfect for mailing or for table gifts or stockings.

Organic Christmas Tea “Frosted Cherry” Metal Box – 13.55 €

The Metal Box format is available only with “Frosted Cherry” tea. The box contains 80g of Christmas tea.

Again, this format is ideal for small last-minute gifts or to enhance a festive table. The advantage of the metal box is that it can be reused to store another loose tea.

“Imperial Nights” Organic Christmas Tea Gift Boxes – € 17.10

This discovery box will find its place on your Christmas table thanks to its pretty packaging.

In this case, 3 teas, 1 infusion and 1 rooibos are to be tasted:

  • Yuzu White Tea
  • Red Fruits Green Tea
  • Earl Gray Black Tea
  • Lemon Ginger Rooibos
  • Zen Breathing Infusion

These five compositions are to be tasted in the form of 5 sachets, for a total of 25 teabags.

This box is ideal for tastings with family or friends. This selection will allow tea lovers to discover the brand !

organic christmas tea
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