The most beautiful candles to offer at Christmas

most beautiful candles to offer

Christmas is a time when we can give ourselves an extraordinary touch so I share with you today the most beautiful candles to offer at Christmas. Whether for the simple pleasure of giving or for your festive tables, here are objects that will not go unnoticed.

Why offering a candle ?

In addition to being a decorative object that makes its small effect, offering a beautiful candle allows to transform an interior with an atmosphere that can change with the sandstone of the seasons, our moods, etc.

It is also a gift idea that is not too much of a puzzle, almost everyone appreciates candles : women, men, couples, etc. It only remains to choose the fragrance !

The most beautiful candles to offer at Christmas

Obviously, we are going to escape to the world of luxury with three brands that I really like :


A French house that offers a whole range of candles – including limited editions for the holidays. The design is elegant and chic with a silver cover which adds a little extra touch to the object. The candle from Nicolaï weighs 190g and burns for around 50h (44€).

I had a real crush on the Ambre Précieux candle which combines sandalwood in top note, birch in heart note and amber note on a vanilla and musky facet then comes to heat everything up. A fragrance with character that fills the home with a soft and opulent party scent.

most beautiful candles to offer

Jo Malone London

Another favorite for the candles of the English house Jo Malone. In addition to a sleek and elegant design – quite similar to those from Nicolaï, the fragrance collection is impressive. I have already tested candles of which I had the perfume and truly, we are on an incredible synchrony. The candles are 200g (for the classics) and have a burning time of around 45h (52€).

The one I suggest you discover for these holidays is the Incense & Embers candle. More original with its smoky side, it combines incense with silver fir and black pepper. The scent is enveloped in sensuality by the presence of nappa leather on a background of elegant vetiver and golden amber. It has a meditative and relaxing side.

most beautiful candles to offer

L’Artisan Parfumeur

Another house that I particularly like. The look of the candles has a slightly more secret, kind of masculine character with this black tinted glass – an almost minimalist atmosphere emerges. The format is generous with a 250g candle for a burn time of around 60 hours (62€).

The one I have selected for this season is the Bois d’Orient which is a magnificent invitation to travel. It combines gourmand spices such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and pepper with an orange sweetness. We find there these woody notes which are so comforting when winter is here. It is tender and joyful.

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