What is Slow Cosmétique ? The concept & path

What is Slow Cosmétique

What is Slow Cosmétique ? If you are passionate about beauty and skincare, you have not been able to miss this movement that wants to offer an alternative in taking care of yourself. I had the chance to be invited by the association for the Slow Cosmétique market in Paris – it was an opportunity to learn more, meet brands and have a good time!

What is Slow Cosmétique ?

Created in 2012 by the aromatherapeutic cosmetologist Julien Kaibeck, the Slow Cosmétique is both a concept and a movement. Its founder wants to go further in the vision of beauty – and not stop at organic and/or natural cosmetics. Julien adds a global vision of care, its impact on ourselves and our health. With a desire to answer the question, which is very fair, what do I put on my skin ? In addition to all this, Julien is also interested in the entire chain of production of a beauty product, from an environmental point of view as well as from an ethical and social point of view.

Since 2013, the Charter of Slow Cosmétique is anchoring the movement. This helps define the founding values ​​for cosmetics that are greener, healthier, smarter and more reasonable. It is recognized and put into practice by its members.

Slow Cosmétique Charter to download

Why Slow Cosmétique ?

As for the concept of “Slow life”, Slow Cosmétique wants to make the contrary of the “Fast beauty” which refers to an overconsumption of beauty, which is more and more present. Personally, since I’m blogging, I feel like I have never seen so many new beauty products appear on the market. New “needs” are emerging, limited edition collections to create even more desire among consumers, etc…

Therefore, the Slow Cosmétique is really anchored in a move against the current trend. It claims a smart, healthy, ecological and reasonable lifestyle.

For me, this trend makes us aware – even if we do not change everything in our routines, stop, ask ourselves the question “what do I really need ?” In parallel, it is also an approach that can be part of a more personal journey to consume better, reduce waste, give money to more humane companies, etc.

What are the criteria of Slow Cosmétique ?

To qualify for the Slow Cosmétique label, brands must meet four criteria :

  • SUSTAINABLE criteria :

Cosmetics must not create new needs for the skin. Limiting the amount of products and rituals necessary to maintain healthy skin is key in avoiding marketing tricks. In its discourse, cosmetics must not make promises that are impossible to keep in view of the nature of the product or the cosmetic action. Nor should it be anxiety-ridden and use the fear of ageing or being imperfect to sell. Cosmetics should not encourage us to consume even more products or services.

  • ETHICAL criteria :

Cosmetics must be formulated, sold and used with respect for humankind in all its complicatedness. It must acknowledge humankind’s need for enjoyment as a quality, but must encourage to nurture enjoyment in a simple way. Cosmetics must emphasize the benefits that plants, animals and minerals bring to the body and to the mind. Any ingredient or technique potentially harmful to humans must be avoided. Thus, humankind will be encouraged to come into direct contact with nature and will not seek to recreate it synthetically. Cosmetics must forbid any form of airbrushing or concealment intended to deceive its partners. It must be sold and bought at a fair and sensible price, reflecting the true quality of its formulation or service.

  • SMART criteria :

Cosmetics must suitably meet the skin’s genuine needs. Cleansing, moisturizing and protecting the skin are basic needs, and cosmetics must respond with sound products or actions. To this end, cosmetics must use ingredients from the available resources that provide something positive to the skin. Efficient, cosmetics must give priority to the ingredients naturally active and beneficial for the skin without seeking to claim exclusiveness. Inert, inactive or unnecessarily processed ingredients should be avoided as well as any ingredients that may improve the skin’s health at the expense of the health of the rest of the body or mind.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY criteria :

Cosmetics must be formulated and used with respect for the environment. The least processed natural and organic ingredients should be favoured in formulas, excluding any synthetic chemical ingredients, petrochemicals, animal abuse leading to death, as well as any ingredients potentially polluting the environment. Cosmetics must strive to minimize its environmental impact in all spheres of its design and use. Short cycles and exchanges at the local level must be favoured.

Where to find Slow Cosmétique products ?

All brands that bear the Slow Cosmétique label are available on the organization’s e-shop. Obviously, some companies sell directly on the website so you can visit them during your virtual navigation.

Then, according to your place of residence, you will find resellers – whether they are small shops, concept store type (specialized or not) or large retailers.

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