What chocolate with coffee ? The new Pralus creations

what chocolate with coffee

What chocolate with coffee ? The little ritual of coffee with the chocolate square is a pleasure that we love to find. Today, the house Pralus – which I particularly like, has launched several novelties around coffee that will appeal to lovers of this tasty little grain.

What chocolate with coffee ?

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate…we all have our preferences for chocolate. To innovate, the house Pralus and Vincent Ferniot created the Napolitains Café.

The Napolitains Coffee are coffee squares. Two variations exist black coffee and coffee with milk. These small bites are sweet and powerful – all without chocolate. This is a new way to pimp our coffee !

The coffee squares are available in three formats :

  • the square of milk coffee in 50g: like a half bar of chocolate, munch your favorite coffee.
  • the square of black coffee in 50g: for the aficionados of black coffee.
  • the checkerboard with coffee squares in mini version (145g package, 25 squares). This checkerboard presentation is perfect to offer: a nice gift idea at the end of the year.

Barre Infernale Coffee

Pralus continues to decline the coffee flavor in its chocolates. One of the most extravagant discoveries I made last year, at the Salon du Chocolat, are the infernal bars.

Always on an original idea of ​​Vincent Ferniot, François Pralus sublimates a bit more the Carré de café® by incorporating its subtle taste in the heart of a Bar Coffee. The Bar Coffee adds to the range of Infernal Bars which are bars to enjoy alone and/or share. This bar combines the crunchy chocolate and fondant coffee in the heart.

The price : 9,50€ the 160g

To find in the fine epiceries, Pralus shops (Lyon, Paris, Roanne) and also on their online store.

If you find some, taste it !

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