Which organic cosmetics to choose ? Anne Marie Börlind, of course !

Which organic cosmetics to choose

With all the available brands, what organic cosmetics to choose is a question that is enough to make us lose our heads ! Last September, I had a crush on a brand I had heard about but never had the time to test. It’s during the BeautyPress day, which is a platform for journalists, bloggers, influencers, etc. that I was able to take the time to learn more about the company and their range of cosmetics. I was really excited to test all that and talk to you about it.

Which organic cosmetics to choose ?

Some will say that there is “organic” and “organic”. What will guide my choice towards a range or a brand is not only the “organic” label. Indeed, this label is expensive and some small businesses can not afford to certify themselves. Reading labels, research on the company’s commitments are therefore, for me, interesting benchmarks to help me in my choice.

Concerning organic labels, several certifications for organic cosmetics, both at European and national level, guarantee the “organic” character of a product. They allow us to identify ourselves in the wide range of offers of organic care. There are mainly 2 organic certifications in France and 1 at the European level :

  • BDIH, a European label. It certifies nearly half of organic cosmetics in Europe.
  • Ecocert and Qualité France, the two French labels.
  • Cosmebio has 2 distinct labels that certify a product: Cosmetics Eco and Cosmetics Bio.

The other elements that can guide you in your choice are also :

  • the origin of the ingredients,
  • how packaging is thought.

The Anne Marie Börlind brand

It was in the 50s that the beautician Annemarie Lindner, decided to use natural ingredients to cure her own skin problems because she could not find what suited her in the existing cosmetics of the time.

For the company, visionary and effective natural cosmetics go hand in hand with respect for people and nature. Since the founding of the company in 1959, their philosophy has been one of research, social commitment and an attitude of respect for the resources of nature. The products are developed and produced in the Black Forest.

What I liked about the Anne Marie Börlind brand is the ethical and social commitment of the brand. The brand says :

“At home, who says” Nature “also says” sustainable development. “


“Social responsibility knows no boundaries.”

The family business uses ingredients whose ethically irreproachable origin is perfectly traceable, or through their commitment to socio-ecological projects around the world. Anne Marie Börlind has EcoControl certification. The brand also thinks about the social impact it can have in some countries with which it works and puts in place projects that go beyond the simple fact of picking a plant in “good conditions”.

I find it unbelievable that this 60-year-old brand had such a global vision of beauty and its ecological impact on both Nature and Human Beings. And that it has put a place a philosophy and global ethics of the design to the manufacture of its products.

The products are all formulated with water drawn from their own source, more than 160 meters deep, pure and very soft. Unlike tap water, it is not contaminated by pollution, chlorine, or other chemicals.

The plant extracts come from certified organic farming or controlled wild harvesting. The company is always looking for new natural ingredients.

The formulations are vegetarian, others are also vegan. Anne Marie Börlind has always refused to use ingredients from dead animals. In exceptional cases, they use natural ingredients such as beeswax because it has special properties that can not be obtained elsewhere.

Which organic cosmetics to choose

Which organic cosmetics to choose ? My test

I discovered four products of the brand :

  • Body Care : This is a rich care for a revitalized skin. Botanical hyaluronic acid from white jelly fungus extract adds moisture. Algae extract revitalizes and nourishes the skin. Its marine fragrance is revitalizing. Suitable for dry skin. The product is perfectly suited to this time of year when the skin tends to dry out with the cold. It penetrates quickly into the skin and does not leave a greasy film on the epidermis.
  • Eye wrinkle cream : One of the first products Anne Marie Börlind has created. The rich cream nourishes the delicate eye area with carrot extract. Valuable organic sesame oil helps prevent moisture loss and counteracts dryness lines and crow’s feet. Miracle cream to rehydrate the eye contour and reduce the first wrinkles.
  • Illuminating Powder Glow : Illuminating Powder is also a bestseller of the brand. It melts on the skin and allows a delicate illuminating touch. A real favorite for this highlighter has the melting texture. I use it both on the face but also on the eyes as an eye shadow.
  • BB Cream : For a naturally sublimated complexion, this BB Cream is very pleasant to use – when you want to unify the complexion while having a very natural finish.

Other green cosmetics brands :

Which organic cosmetics to choose


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