Natural Face Skincare : express “go back to work” routine

Natural face skincare

As you know, my skincare routine consists mainly of natural face skincare. I wanted to introduce my “go back to work” routine to inspire you and present nice products that I get the chance to discover.

Natural face skincare : which routine to choose ?

If you have cleansed your skin the night before, your morning routine will be lighter. Generally, it is not necessary to clean it again – do not disturb it more than necessary. The skin needs to find its own balance too.

Personally, I love spring thermal waters and floral waters to refresh me and gently wake up my skin. Then I think hydration and if necessary, sunscreen (either by a targeted treatment, or by a makeup product that contains a SPF).

As with all my facials, my alertness is increased by my perioral dermatitis. I always pay attention to the compositions in order to propose ever softer and non aggressive formulas to my skin.

My express “go back to work” routine

As soon as the fall arrives, our pace of life accelerates again. For active women, women as moms, etc., the short time can not compromise a “good” skincare routine. Here’s the one I put in place :

  1. I wake up my skin with Laboté Floral Water. The one that was recommended to me is the one with the mauve because it is the soothing and calming plant the most known. It also has antioxidant power. It is my fresh morning gesture that prepares my skin for the day.
  2. I moisturize my skin with o.Moi Camellia Cream which is a Danish organic brand. Its formula is perfect : both cocooning but not too thick or greasy. It penetrates quickly into the epidermis and brings comfort throughout the day.
  3. I moisturize the under eye area with the Vinesime Elixir du Temps. The latest launch from the brand for which I had a crush. Its scent is very fresh and fruity. Its application is incredibly light, non-greasy and will help reduce the signs of aging and wake up the eyes.

What I have learned in recent years is not to put too much products on my skin because it can only absorb what it needs.

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Natural face skincare


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