How to get organize in September for less stress

how to get organizehow to get organize

How to get organize in September is a fair question at the beginning of the month. September, back to school/uni/work, a time of year when we tend to want to think about change in our lives.

How to get organize in September : how to do it?

Since almost forever, I am a well organized and orderly person. However, since I move to Paris, I let myself a little more invade and the time is sometimes lacking to support a “quiet” organization. The month of September is an interesting time to embark on changes because we have the finish line at December the 31 which allows us to have a look back on the year and the last months before taking resolutions (or not) in January !

There are several elements that I find important in my daily life to stay organized and avoid stressing too much, here they are :

Keep your laptop clean : that is to say, both outside and inside. I prefer working on a laptop that is not sticky and free of crumbs, etc. I also find that having a minimalist screen, without a thousand folders allows to see more clearly in my work and organization. Deleting unwanted files or spams, organizing documents into folders, and backing up to external hard drives is also an interesting goal to keep throughout the year.

Storing, storing and storing : Depending on the period, we can quickly let ourselves be invaded. With the fall, we want to see clearly in our closets and spaces. I try to go to bed having cleared up my space : avoid the dishes that drags, re-organize my living room which is quickly invaded by books and various papers (the problem when you do not have a dedicated office space). Same in closets – both the wardrobe and the kitchen, having these organized makes you feel better at home, save time when we try to get dressed (and do not leave a dozen clothes dragging) or to eat. In parallel, the weekly household helps support this movement. For example, for mail and papers, take a moment in the week or every 15 days to sort them and put them in their place.

Find an agenda that suits you : Our days are filling up quickly and having a planner, diary or bullet journal can help us better live this go back to work time. Some people will prefer a digital version, others the paper. Personally, I was a very paper kinda gal but I moved to digital for over a year now. With my Google calendar, I receive a reminder (when I do not forget to plan it) before an event that I saved and it allows me to have a guard in the organization of my days and everyday life.

Planning time for yourself : Speaking of schedule, it is essential, in my opinion, to release time for yourself and to put it in your schedule. Why ? Because we are generally more generous with others and much less with us. Register a sport session, a cultural outing every week offers the opportunity to take a step back on what we live during the week, to refocus on oneself and especially to take pleasure.

These are some of my tips for organizing in the fall. I am curious to know yours !

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